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Deciding to give up drugs is one of the toughest, yet best, decisions of your life. Where you choose for treatment is vital to ensuring your success. Visit us at Clear Life Recovery today. Our cutting edge programs make us a top choice as a high-end California Treatment Center.

Why enter treatment?

Recovery from addiction requires professional help. Trying to navigate the complexities at home do not set you on a path for success. Drug treatment centers employ trained professionals that help you identify triggers and teach you coping strategies. Those are not things one can learn at home without help.

Outside of a treatment center, there is also a multitude of distractions. Responsibilities can overwhelm you and push you to use it. Also, outside of treatment, the same influences who do not support your recovery are present. Entering treatment allows you to escape those distractions and focus on sobriety and wellness.

What happens in a treatment?

When you are in treatment, you work with professionals to get to the root of the issue. Addiction does not exist alone. There are always other factors that exist in conjunction with this disorder. It is not possible for you to fully heal without understanding all your issues comprehensively and having a plan for all of them.

In treatment, patients participate in a variety of activities every day. Individual and group therapy are central to any patient’s recovery. In addition to therapy, other services at our California Treatment Center are:

  • Access to 12 step programs and meetings
  • Holistic options and therapies like meditation, yoga, and even acupuncture
  • Various exercise regimens and therapies
  • Nutritional programs and services
  • Group participation in activities outdoors

Activities will vary from day-to-day, but you won’t have a day without something planned. Group therapy tends to be a daily activity. In contrast, individual therapy happens less frequently, but still at least 1-2 times per week.

Types of therapies

Therapy is a large part of what one does during their stay at any treatment center. Here are some of the therapies you encounter during your stay:

  • Individual therapy - individuals work with trained therapists one-on-one for a chance to explore issues on a deeper level
  • Group therapy - patients at the center come together as a group to discuss issues and share tips
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy - CBT works to help someone change negative behaviors through talk therapy.
  • Family therapy - the individual in treatment is not the only one affected by their addiction; their family is too. This gives all parties a chance to come together and work towards healing.

Depending on what, if any, coexisting conditions you have with your addiction, your therapist can create other plans, treatment strategies, and therapeutic techniques. Styles of therapy vary based on the needs of the patient.

Do not delay your recovery any longer. Call us today at Clear Life Recovery. Our best-in-class California Treatment Center can put you on the path to sobriety.

Calofornia Treatment Center
Calofornia Treatment Center
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