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Clear Life Recovery is an exceptional rehab in Costa Mesa for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We use a variety of healing therapies and counseling sessions to reshape the mind of recovering addicts to offer desirable results in recovery.

Factors to consider before choosing the right rehab

Once you've decided to join rehab, the next daunting step ahead of you is to choose the right kind of rehab facility. A good rehab facility must help you attain long-lasting sobriety, equip you with combat skills to deal with triggers, and treat your mental health disorders. Some of the factors to consider before choosing a rehab center include:  

  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient - Based on the severity of your addiction, your doctor may advise you to choose either an inpatient or outpatient program. Based on the program type, you can narrow down your choices of rehab. 
  • Specialties - Each rehab center specializes in a specific type of addiction treatment like medical detox, counseling, experiential therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. If you have a dual diagnosis, you must choose a center with the best psychiatrists and therapists to help you overcome your mental health issues. 
  • Treatment programs and therapies - Before choosing a treatment center, speak to the rehab's admissions officer to know about the treatment approach they follow and the therapies they use in treatment. Gather details such as what you pay for and what you can expect during treatment. 

Lastly, make sure to enquire about the length of the treatment program, cost, and aftercare programs before you finalize a rehab center. Our rehab in Costa Mesa is a fully-functional facility with the best amenities to aid each of our patients in recovery.

Can I get medical leave for rehab treatment?

Many individuals with a drug abuse issue avoid getting treatment due to the fear of losing their job. However, a recent study has proved that individuals that got treatment for addiction are more likely to withstand their jobs for a longer period. There are statutory laws that safeguard your right as an employee while you are away for rehab treatment. And your employer must grant 12 weeks of medical leave if you need to undergo treatment for a substance-related disorder. 

If you procrastinate treatment for a later time due to work-related commitments, it will eventually affect your performance at work. Try and be transparent to your employer about your addiction treatment needs and take necessary measures for someone to take care of your projects while you are away.

How do I convince my insurance company to pay for rehab treatment?

Most insurance companies offer coverage for first-time addiction treatment. However, insurers offer coverage only for a basic rehab program and will not cover anything that it deems unnecessary. You may also have to present necessary medical documents to convince your insurance company if you need coverage for an inpatient rehab program.

If you are battling with addiction, contact our rehab in Costa Mesa today. A treatment specialist from Clear Life Recovery can help you with valuable tips on financing options, enrollment, and treatment process.

Rehab Costa Mesa
Rehab Costa Mesa
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