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Clear Life Recovery is a first-class treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA, for drug and alcohol addiction. Our team of exemplary clinical staff and therapists play a pivotal role in helping individuals regain control over their life.

Is addiction biological or psychological?

Addiction is a behavioral disorder. Hence it is more psychological, which over time becomes biological. Individuals abuse drugs due to psychological factors like stress, anxiety, emotional pain, mental disorders, etc. The cause for substance abuse or alcoholism often starts with the way you perceive the environment and the world around you.

Once you tap into the habit of using drugs regularly, the body starts to develop a dependency on the drug. When you refrain from using the drug, your body starts to react negatively with symptoms like shaking, sweating, headaches, vomiting, etc. These are the withdrawal symptoms, and they can be both biological and psychological. At our treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA, we start with a drug detox program to treat your biological withdrawal symptoms. We then follow detox with a series of psychotherapies to treat the psychological issues that trigger the use of drugs.

Is drug addiction a disability?

The SSA does not consider drug/alcohol addiction as a disability and hence, does not offer Disability benefits for addiction conditions. Likewise, if you already suffer from a physical or mental disability and your addiction condition has worsened the disability, the SSA will disqualify your application for disability benefits. If you have a disability that began because of your addiction, the SSA can disqualify your application. However, if your addiction condition is immaterial to your disability in such cases, the SSA may consider your request for disability benefits.

In general, the SSA denies disability applications of individuals with an addiction condition because, in 9 out of 10 cases, the addiction always leads to worsening of the disability, thereby disqualifying an applicant for benefits.

Risk factors for drug addiction

Addiction is a behavioral disorder that can affect almost anyone who develops a habit of using drugs or alcohol. However, Individuals with the following risk factors are more likely to develop an addiction condition:

  • Family history: If you are related to a family member with past addiction issues, your risk for drug or alcohol addiction increases by up to 60%. Genes play a pivotal role in passing on addiction from one generation to another.
  • Family traditions: Children growing up in homes with alcoholic or drug-addicted parents are more likely to use drugs during their teenage or early adulthood.
  • Peer Pressure: High school students and teenagers are more likely to use drugs due to peer pressure and to portray a cooler demeanor in front of their friends and classmates.

Call our treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA, to help you get over addiction and other co-occurring mental health disorders. At Clear Life Recovery, we follow an effective “self-management and recovery training" program for addiction that offers instantaneous and positive patient outcomes.

Treatment Center Costa Mesa CA
Treatment Center Costa Mesa CA
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