Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa

At Clear Life Recovery, we help hundreds of individuals battling with alcohol addiction to lead a sober life. We are a top-rated alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa to offer a combination treatment plan that includes medical detox, psychotherapies, counseling, and medication to treat addiction.

What is alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is a process where your body attempts to get rid of toxic remains from long term alcohol abuse. In a rehab center, alcohol detox is the first stage of treatment that is often followed by medication, counseling, and a series of psychotherapies. Medical detoxification, in general, takes 7-10 days, after which a patient's body and mind are more stable for other treatment programs.

The main purpose of medical detox is to help a recovering addict deal and cope with the harmful and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Individuals with severe addiction issues can encounter fatal withdrawal symptoms. To avoid such unfortunate consequences, we start our treatment plan with alcohol detox to ensure patient safety from adverse health issues during and after their stay in rehab.

Delirium Tremens

Delirium tremens is a condition where individuals experience extreme alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Delirium tremens is a fatal condition that involves symptoms like seizures and hallucinations. The symptoms of delirium tremens begin within 24-48 hours of your last drink, and it is crucial to seek medical help if you or your loved experiences any of the following symptoms:

  • Emotional distress, fatigue, and fever
  • Hallucinations, hypersensitivity to sound, touch, and light
  • Mood swings, irritability
  • Confusion, hallucinations, and seizures

At our alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, we offer immediate medical treatment and care for emergency cases of alcohol poisoning, intoxication, and delirium tremens. Our team of compassionate staff is highly efficient in encouraging our patients on their journey towards sobriety.

Signs of alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is the regular intake of large doses of alcohol within shorter intervals. Besides causing bad hangovers, loss of memory, and mental disorders; your body develops an increased tolerance to alcohol over time, leading to fatal health issues. Some of the standard signs of alcoholism include:

  • Slurred speech, rambling and poor motor coordination
  • Inability to walk, stand or sit
  • Poor hygiene
  • Disorientation
  • Poor social conduct
  • Isolation, anxiety, and depression

It is imperative to help your loved one overcome addiction before it gets too late. Our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to offer help and guidance.

Continuing care for alcohol addiction

Most rehab centers offer aftercare programs in the form of facility-based programs, sober living homes, and support groups. At our rehab facility, we offer continuing care to our patients after rehab treatment in the form of regular therapy and counseling sessions. We also encourage our recovering addicts to get in touch with us for guidance whenever they feel tempted or unstable.

If your family member or a friend suffers from alcoholism, seek help immediately by getting in touch with our team at Clear Life Recovery. We are a pre-eminent alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, and we follow a holistic approach to help patients lead a fulfilling life.

Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa
Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa
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