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Choosing treatment over a life of drugs is a choice you never regret. Let us help you take that next step. Clear Life Recovery is a premier Costa Mesa drug rehab. Our innovative therapies work to heal both your mind and body.

Types of rehab

There is more than one type of rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. Let’s take a look at the examples below.

  • Inpatient - the patient moves temporarily into the treatment center
  • Outpatient - the individual continues to live at home, go to school or work, but attends treatment outside of those activities
  • Intensive outpatient - what this consists of varies by the treatment center. But it always involves some level of time split between living at home and continuing to spend time at the facility as well
  • Partial hospitalization - this program is more intense than a classic program that splits your time between the facility and home. In this format, you spend 6-8 hours per day at the facilities but your nights at home
  • Sober living facilities - these are facilities comprised of residents who are ready to leave rehab but not quite prepared to live at home yet. These facilities allow them to work and go to school but live at a place surrounded by others who support their sobriety.

Can exercise be used for treatment?

Yes! Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Our Costa Mesa drug rehab offers many opportunities for our patients to incorporate exercise into their treatment regimen. Doctors and therapists alike recognize the value of exercise for anyone, especially someone in treatment.

Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that the brain and nervous system produce and release. Endorphins trigger a “feel good” response from the body, and they make us feel happier. This is crucial for a patient in rehab. Up until this point, the happiness they felt came from drugs. Exercise and endorphins show them there are other sources of happiness.

Rehab treatment based on gender

Yes, it can. Some factors lead to different approaches in treatment styles. Women are primarily caregivers, so this responsibility leads to a difference in approach. Childcare, pregnancy, and other issues affect women and their treatment schedules. Women generally experience sexual violence at a higher rate than men, so more co-existing issues appear during their treatments (like PTSD or traumas) as a result of those assaults. Before rehab, women seek care from a primary care doctor.

Men present with different barriers to treatment. Men do not seek treatment at the same rate as women, and actively try avoiding it. For many men, seeking treatment make them feel weak and less masculine. Men should not feel shame for seeking treatment from addiction, and programs for men keep this in mind.  Also, many men are the primary breadwinners in their homes. They have concerns about the financial health of their families while they are away, and this concern becomes a reason they avoid treatment.

Do not delay your path to recovery for another moment. Contact Clear Life Recovery today and get started on your new life. Our Costa Mesa drug rehab is waiting to help you.

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