Costa Mesa Drug Treatment

After years of brushing off concerns, you listened to your family and want help with your addiction. This is the ideal decision you can make. Let the staff at Clear Life Recovery help you on this journey. Our Costa Mesa drug treatment center is one of the best in the state.

How long does treatment last?

The length of the treatment varies quite a bit depending on what style of therapy you select. For inpatient programs, you can find the following options.

  • Seven-day programs - while, not a standard option, some facilities offer this to patients. This time frame is sufficient to help someone detox from drugs.
  • 30-day programs - this is a more common timeframe for patients to stay at a facility. It provides the patient a chance to detox and engage in therapy and sober living.
  • 60-day programs - while not always a standard choice, 60 days is an excellent time frame for inpatient rehab. The patient receives sufficient time to detox and begin applying the therapeutic techniques they have learned.
  • 90-day programs - this length of time is always what clinicians recommend. It gives you the maximum amount of time to treat your addiction. For patients suffering from severe addiction, this is the option they need to select.

Outpatient programs vary widely in what they offer and the length of the treatment. They range anywhere from 30 days to as long as a year. The length is determined in part, by the pace of the patient’s recovery.

Paying for treatment

Drug treatment is costly. The cost of a 90 day stay in an inpatient facility starts at approximately $50,000 and goes up from there. Not everyone has access to that much money or the ability to secure it. If you opt for a shorter stay, the cost goes down as well. Some facilities offer 30-day programs for under $10,000.

That number still puts the cost of treatment out of reach for many people. Confer with your insurance company. Insurance companies must cover drug treatment costs due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. It may not include the total price, but it does defray a portion of them. Our Costa Mesa drug treatment works with a variety of insurance providers.

Why do people avoid treatment?

Drug treatment comes with a stigma, and removing it aids in getting people into treatment. Addiction is like any other chronic condition. It responds well to treatment and is highly manageable. But if addicts continue facing a stigma, they will continue to avoid treatment.

Cost is another significant barrier to seeking help. The ACA made strides in this area, but not enough. Inpatient treatment continues being cost-prohibitive to many people, even with insurance coverage. Until more happens on this front, people who need help won’t seek treatment based on this reason alone. Or patients seeking treatment will keep picking options that fit their budgets, not their needs.

Don’t postpone your journey to a drug-free life any longer! Contact the team at Clear Life Recovery and get started on your best life with the top Costa Mesa drug treatment facility.

Costa Mesa Drug Treatment
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