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Clear Life Recovery provides the best possible Costa Mesa Rehab in the area. If you’re looking for a rigorous, efficient, and comfortable rehab experience, visit our addiction center. We’re all about healthy treatments, hospitable environments, and the alleviation of emotional issues. Drug or alcohol addicts often suffer from anxiety, depression, and insecurity. We strive to help you overcome these states of mind.

Why is drug rehab necessary for recovery?

Rehabilitation has one main goal – to help addicts recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Through medication-assisted treatments, holistic remedies, and psychological counseling, we’ve managed to help thousands of addicts in this sense. The first step toward an addiction-free life starts with detox, the process where we eliminate any toxins from your body. However, this only helps with your substance dependence, not your addiction.

Unlike dependence that manifests through withdrawal effects and physical ways, addiction has psychological roots. While detox eliminates your withdrawal effects and regulates your body’s need for alcohol or drugs, it leaves addiction untouched. This is where rehab comes in. Through therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we target those cravings and mental anchors, tying you to substance abuse.

Recover from addiction with partial hospitalization programs

What is a partial hospitalization program? Simply put, it allows an addict to receive intensive day-treatment without needing to remain hospitalized in our center. Currently, about 2.6 million Americans are using the PHP solution with the hope they’ll get better. In essence, the PHP brings the best of both worlds – intense treatments, and the freedom to continue living at home.

The schedule of such a PHP takes the following form – five days per week, you undergo intensive treatment for eight hours. You can think of it as a day job. However, the key takeaway from this is that you need a supportive home environment. You need your family to encourage you, a loving and caring atmosphere that can help you progress faster.

Prevent relapsing with intensive outpatient programs

The intensive outpatient programs or IOP are usually the next steps down from residential treatment. This means you have just completed intensive Costa Mesa Rehab, and are now ready to readapt yourself to the outside world. You will go back to your family but still receive treatment for 2-4 hours, three days per week.

Similar to PHP, you will need a supportive family background, stable psychological health, and few temptations. During this program, we will mainly teach you coping mechanisms that work against relapsing.

What to do when you get out of rehab?

After you complete the Costa Mesa Rehab residential programs, it’s time to start your new life. We recommend enlisting in our IOP to receive vital prevention skills against relapsing.

It is necessary to understand that you are now in complete control of your body and mind. Avoid temptations, remember the core teachings of our addiction center, and never lose sight of what’s essential. You don’t need drugs or alcohol in your life, and you never did. Clear Life Recovery aims to make you understand that and act by it.

Costa Mesa Rehab
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