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Substance abuse is a long-lasting problem that requires professional support. The Costa Mesa Treatment is one such solution where you can start your journey toward sobriety. At Clear Life Recovery, we understand how difficult and harrowing addiction is, and we want to help you regain your old life. Through medication and holistic programs, we will succeed.

What is prescription drug addiction?

It all starts with a prescription that you overuse. Perhaps you became dependent on it after ignoring the doctor’s recommendations, or you intended to get high on it. Either way, we have a solution to this. You don’t have to live with this addiction for all your life. You need someone to show you the way and the right tools to fix your addiction.

That someone is our addiction center in Costa Mesa. And those tools consist of:

  • Detox services
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Comprehensive therapy
  • Counseling programs
  • Outpatient programs (IOP and PHP)
  • Nutrition courses

How to become sober

When it comes to prescription drug addiction, the first step you have to take is admitting you have a problem. This makes you want to undergo treatment, and this is where we come in. Using various therapies and treatment programs, we will help you escape from the clutches of dependence and addiction. Up to this point, prescription addiction is entirely similar to other types of addiction in terms of treatment.

Therapy is one of the essential steps in ensuring a successful recovery from prescription addiction. While detox helps you get rid of dependence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the holistic programs fight against addiction. We will reshape your negative thought patterns and change your addiction-oriented behaviors. In the end, your body and mind will automatically reject prescription drugs.

Efficient counseling programs

One of the many ways in which we ensure your psychological stability is counseling. We want to prevent you from feeling alone, depressed, and hopeless, and this is where group and individual counseling come into play. By seeing other patients suffering from similar addiction problems, you will understand you are not alone.

Moreover, the Costa Mesa Treatment capitalizes on the benefits of peer pressure to make you realize your situation is not hopeless. Just like our other addicted patients can recover, so can you. And we will help you recover from addiction using medication, holistic activities, and much-needed emotional support.

What kind of care does a rehabilitation facility provide?

The Costa Mesa Treatment programs include residential treatments, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and so on. Essentially, we offer therapy (individual and group-oriented), holistic activities, detox, and rehab treatment. We offer support for the 12-step recovery method, but we also offer a non-12 step program as well.

With Clear Life Recovery, you’ll become reacquainted with sobriety, and you’ll feel just as good as before the onset of the addiction. In fact, you’ll feel like a winner for having beaten down addiction. You’ll be hopeful and optimistic, confident, and energetic. This is what we can achieve at our rehabilitation center – treat both body and mind on the journey towards sobriety.

Costa Mesa Treatment
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