What is Mindful Drinking?

What is Mindful Drinking? Learn more from a top alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa
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You’re not alone if you’ve been rethinking your relationship with alcohol. More people seem to be jumping onto the idea of mindful drinking, with some even labeling themselves as “sober curious.” The goal is to have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

As we explore the idea of mindful drinking, we’ll look at its benefits, how you can practice mindful drinking, and how an alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa can help if you have a drinking problem.

Mindful Drinking Explained

When you hear someone talk about mindful drinking, they’re talking about becoming aware of why and how much they drink. This practice can lead to healthier relationships with alcohol and less consumption.

Statistics show that in 2019, 47% of adults in the U.S. said they were trying to reduce their alcohol consumption, but fewer than 1% were getting help to change their drinking habits.[1]

Mindful drinking goes beyond a “Dry January” that lasts for only a month. Mindful drinking becomes a way of life for many people. In fact, 39% of adults who drink say they have considered mindful drinking.[2]

What is Mindful Drinking? Mindful Drinking Explained

To practice mindful drinking, it’s important to stop before drinking and decide whether it helps you in any way. Doing this can stop you from drinking unnecessarily.

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Benefits of Mindful Drinking

When people are mindful drinkers, they can experience many benefits. These can include:

  • More energy

Without alcohol in the picture, people may have more energy to become active in their communities. This can benefit not only the individual but the people around them. They also have more energy to exercise, which can benefit their health.

Physical Benefits of Mindful Drinking

  • Better sleep

When you drink less, you’re likely to get a better night’s sleep because alcohol in high amounts can disrupt sleep patterns and leave you tired.

  • Save money

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol can get expensive. Trading your drinks in for non-alcoholic choices can help you save money.

  • Becoming more aware of emotions

People can also become more aware of their feelings when they’re not drinking because they’re not using alcohol as a coping mechanism. They must deal with their emotions head-on rather than rely on alcohol to make them forget.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Mindful Drinking

  • Less chance of becoming depressed

If you’re drinking less, there may also be less of a chance of becoming depressed since depression has been linked to alcohol use disorders.[3]

  • Lose weight

Cutting alcohol out of your life can also help you to lose weight. Alcoholic beverages often contain high amounts of sugar that can contribute to weight gain. Reducing the number of calories combined with exercising more from all of that increased energy should help you shed some pounds.

  • Lower blood pressure

Lower blood pressure is another benefit, as heavy amounts of alcohol are associated with higher blood pressure. Cutting back by 2-3 drinks daily can help to lower bother systolic and diastolic pressure.

  • Healthier skin

Heavy drinking can wreak havoc on your skin. It can lead to more wrinkling and early aging. Skin can look duller, drier, and puffier. Drinking less can lead to healthier skin.

How to Practice Mindful Drinking

Becoming a mindful drinker doesn’t happen overnight. For many, this is a foreign idea that requires some getting used to.

If you’re sober curious and want to learn how to become a mindful drinker, check out these ways to get started.[4]

How to Practice Mindful Drinking

Stop and Think About Whether Each Drink Supports You

This is at the crux of mindful drinking. For many people, having a drink or two is something that is done by default. They may agree to have another drink without even wanting it. So, before saying yes to a round of drinks, stop and ask yourself if that’s something you want right away. Ask yourself whether the drink will support you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Have a Plan

If you’re going to try mindful drinking, have a plan in place. If you’re going to a gathering and are going to drink, decide what and how much you’re going to drink. When switching to non-alcoholic drinks during a social function, plan out options that are appealing to you.

If the temptation is going to be too great, you may want to skip your typical happy hour. This way, you’re guaranteed not to drink.

Order First

When you’re out, it’s tempting to just order what someone else is having. But, if you order first, there is no temptation. Who knows, someone may follow your lead and decide to go alcohol-free with you.

Monitor Your Progress

You will not be able to flip the switch to mindful drinking at once. Like anything else, it’s going to take time and practice. Monitor your progress, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Reward yourself for the times you decide not to drink heavily. Over time, the process will become easier.

Don’t be Afraid of Being Judged

Some people fear that they will be judged if they decide not to drink. The opposite is true. Others will likely applaud your decision to change your life positively. Much like people who want to lose weight, choosing not to drink or to drink less is often celebrated.

When you limit your alcohol intake, you are making physical, emotional, and financial changes to your life that will leave you better off in the long run.

How Alcohol Rehab in Costa Mesa Can Help

If you want to decrease the amount of alcohol you consume and get help for an alcohol use disorder, the team at Clear Life Recovery can help. Our team of experts is ready to devise a treatment plan to help you stop drinking. For some people, this means therapy, while for others, it could mean a 12-step program or a combination of the two. Our team recognizes that everyone’s addiction will be different, so their treatment plan needs to reflect that.

If you’re ready to get help for an alcohol use disorder, contact Clear Life Recovery or reach out to us online. We are here 24/7 to help you reach your goal of becoming sober.



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