Most people searching for drug rehab options have heard of 12 step rehab programs. But, they may not know where to find a facility that offers one. Many people assume that using the 12 steps means that you only go to AA meetings. However, you can access a 12 step drug and alcohol rehab center in Costa Mesa, Orange County. Clear Life Recovery offers addiction treatment programs – both 12-Step based and non-12-step based

What is a 12 Step Rehab Center?

A 12-step rehab program is initiated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) that helps people overcome compulsions and addictions towards drugs and alcohol. The basic foundation of this rehab model is people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction help one another. They work together and lift each other up to achieve and maintain abstinence from substance abuse.

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This program has a religious or spiritual element to it. Therefore, the program interprets that the healing will not begin unless you truly believe in surrendering your addiction to a higher power.

Some drug and alcohol rehabs offer a combination of therapies that incorporate the 12 steps with other evidence-based treatments.

That said, according to a National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services in 2013 by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSHA), 74 percent of rehab centers offer some sort of 12 step program.

12 Step Vs. Non 12 Step Programs

There are a couple of basic differences in these two mainstream approaches to beat alcohol and drug use disorders.

The idea is to help you recover from addiction and find your spirituality in the process. So, if you are someone with faith and have always considered yourself spiritual, this method may be a great fit for you.

Most rehabs utilize the 12 steps in conjunction with other therapies – as Clear Life Recovery does. There are some rehabs, however, that ONLY use the 12 steps. We agree that the 12 steps have helped many people. However, we have found that those who use combined therapies having the longest-lasting recovery.

What are the 12 Steps?

A 12 step rehab center will help you or a loved one overcome any drug or alcohol abuse using 12 well though steps. These are as follows.

  1. You admit that you are powerless over alcohol, and your life has become unmanageable.
  2. You came to believe in a higher power and believe this greater power can help restore your sanity.
  3. Decide to hand over your life and will to God’s care as you understood him.
  4. You take a fearless and searching moral inventory.
  5. Admitting your wrongdoings to yourself, another person, and the higher power.
  6. Being ready for the higher power to correct any shortcomings you have in your character
  7. Praying and asking this higher power to remove your shortcomings
  8. You make a list of wrongs you have done to others and showing a willingness to make amends in the future
  9. You contact those whom you have hurt because of your actions (mainly alcohol and drug abuse). However, you can skip this step if you believe contacting them will hurt or harm those people further
  10. You continue to take personal inventory and admit when you are wrong
  11. You seek enlightenment via pray and meditation to connect with the higher power
  12. Last but not least, you carry the message and ideology of the 12 steps approach to others suffering from any kind of drug and alcohol abuse.

Let the Higher Power In

Many people believe that you HAVE to believe in God to work within a 12 step program. You do not have to be deeply religious or spiritual to benefit from a program that utilizes the 12 steps. Especially in a program that uses other evidence-based therapies alongside the 12 steps. That being said, most people DO believe in some sort of higher power. For those people, the 12 step program teaches you to turn to a shower power for support. You will also ask your higher power to grant the strength and courage to succeed in your journey.

First, you accept your actions and the consequences they had on your life and the lives of others around you. Then it is time to surrender and let the higher power do its work. Turning to a higher power or spiritual guide promotes acceptance.

How Does it Work?

Many people who overcame their alcohol and/or drug addiction swear by the effectiveness of a 12-step program. At the very least, this program offers encouragement, a sense of accountability, and extreme support to help you overcome any addiction or substance abuse.

A 12 Step Rehab program will encourage you to attend regular meetings or participate in the sponsorship model. This encourages you to stay clean and even offer social support to those struggling to defeat their addictions.

If you have been searching for a program that can help you beat alcohol and drug addiction, a 12 step rehab program is something to consider. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone in the program and the rehab center has had similar struggles.

You will also meet others going through the same journey as you are. This will help you connect with them, share your experiences and motivate each other to beat your demons.

Clear Life Recovery Offers 12 Step and Non 12 Step Rehab Programs

If you or a loved one is suffering from any kind of substance abuse, but you are not sure about which treatment to choose from, Clear Life Recovery can help. We are a 12-step rehab center offering non-12-step rehab programs as well.

You can get in touch with us and discuss what you are going through. In the end, you will have choices in which addiction treatment suits you best. You may benefit most from a combination of therapies and protocols. Clear Life Recovery utilizes several programs, including: 

We believe that all treatments offered at our rehab center in Costa Mesa, Orange County, will help make a difference in your journey to addiction recovery.

Let one of our experts be your guide right away. Reach out to us for more information.