Cocaine is widely available everywhere in the United States. Communities of all sizes suffer the wrath this drug brings, including a breakdown of family relationships, careers, and entire lives. News of cocaine addiction is lost to more heavily reported drugs like meth and opioids. But throughout the country people just like you need help for their cocaine abuse. Find the support you want at a Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment program.

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Client and counselor discussing a Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment program for himCocaine addiction is mostly a psychological dependence on this potent drug. This dependence builds as someone repeatedly uses cocaine. Over a prolonged period, the abuse becomes dependence when your brain needs this drug to function normally.

Maybe at times, you say to yourself, “I sure would like some coke before this business event,” or, “If we’re going out, I need some cocaine.” This is your mind urging you to get what you need to feel socially strong, vibrant, energetic and accepted. It is how cocaine dependence and addiction begin.

Using cocaine on a repeated basis causes actual chemical changes in your brain. Just stopping your drug use does not switch these changes off. Instead, you have real long-term damage to deal with, when it comes to your brain’s dependence on this drug.

What Does Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment Include?

When you enter cocaine addiction treatment, this help starts with supervised detox. In detox, you gain the support and care of professionals who understand your physical condition and addiction. They know how to help you feel your best as you go through an Orange County substance abuse treatment.

Many of the effects you feel during cocaine detox are psychological, meaning they affect you mentally and emotionally. These effects include:

  • Concentration problems and anxiety
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, and depression
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Increased drug cravings and appetite
  • Vivid dreams or nightmares
  • Slowed thinking and restlessness

At Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment, you gain the help you need to see your way through detox and your psychological symptoms. You also receive help for physical signs of withdrawal, such as chills, tremors, headaches, muscle aches, and pain.

Do I Need Costa Mesa Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Being dependent on cocaine means you experience many uneasy feelings. You feel irritable, paranoid, anxious, restless and just uncomfortable in your skin when you are not high. When you try to stop abusing your drug, you start suffering the earliest symptoms of withdrawal. One of the worst symptoms is depression.

You need help quitting cocaine, through cocaine addiction treatment. In a Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment program, you have the help, counseling, therapy, support, education and treatments you need to achieve sobriety. These resources also help you plan a new life, one including the coping skills to prevent relapse. All of this treatment takes place in an Orange County partial hospitalization program, residential program or IOP.

If you want to walk away from your cocaine abuse for good, you need a Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment. Clear Life Recovery tailors addiction treatment plans for your unique needs. Even if you suffer co-occurring conditions of mental illness, your detox and rehab provide healthy support from beginning to end.

Cocaine Treatment at Clear Life Recovery

Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA provides the cocaine addiction treatment you need for your best life ahead. This Costa Mesa addiction treatment includes:

  • Supervised detox and medical detox
  • Residential rehab
  • IOP and PHP programs
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Holistic, evidence-based and behavioral therapies
  • Physical fitness, nutrition, and job assistance

You can rebuild your life for a bright, fulfilling future. You just need the cocaine addiction treatment that is right for you. Call Clear Life Recovery now at 866-261-7291 for more information about Costa Mesa cocaine addiction treatment.