Drug and alcohol addictions are chronic diseases that won’t go away completely. Some addicts mistakenly believe that treatment will cure them forever. In reality, recovery is a lifelong process to keep away from substances and rehab is just the beginning. Unfortunately, several factors like stress, cravings, peer pressure, and depression might cause you to reuse. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the average relapse rate is as high as 60 percent. Of course, relapsing is a common setback that can derail the rehab process. However, falling off the wagon isn’t a guaranteed fate. Relapse prevention therapy (RPT) is available to lower the risk of returning to old habits. At Clear Life Recovery, we set inpatient and outpatient clients up for happy, abstinent lives with relapse prevention plans.

How Relapse Prevention Therapy Works

During the 1980s, Drs. Alan Marlatt and Judith Gordon developed relapse prevention therapy as a cognitive-behavioral form of drug intervention. In other words, they created a clinical way to change thinking patterns that cause reuse. Today, Clear Life Recovery uses RPT to help clients cope with triggers. First, you’ll reflect on what commonly happens before a relapse. Our therapists ask what kinds of emotions lead to binges.

Similarly, you’ll talk about the people, places, or activities that could cause cravings. For example, you might turn to drugs when feeling bored or being overwhelmed with work. Therefore, alerting you to these warning signs will improve your ability to extinguish them.

Second, relapse prevention plans will teach you the best methods to handle triggers. Here you’ll stack up strategies for maintaining a sober environment. Thus, you’ll find healthy outlets to replace the negative ones. For instance, to avoid the trigger of boredom, you can choose a hobby like painting or swimming. Perhaps you’ll learn meditation to calm negative thoughts. Likewise, you can start exercising regularly to release stress. Outpatient RPT groups at Clear Life Recovery also build a network of peers to turn to. Therefore, you’ll make friendships to swap for your past enablers. Plus, the groups practice unleashing feelings instead of letting them fester. Overall, relapse prevention therapy is all about building skills, hope, and support.

Benefits of Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapsing is a serious concern with a high risk of overdose. For that reason, prevention is the last major step to any good addiction treatment center program. Every rehab client can benefit from continuing with RPT. Relapse prevention therapy fosters the strength and self-control to ignore urges. Moreover, it will increase your understanding of what causes you to drink or inject substances. Hence, the result is a better ability to avoid triggers that leave you vulnerable. Clear Life Recovery’s therapists will help nip negative distortions in the bud. Shame and regret get replaced by optimism. Indeed, reframing your mind for positivity will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Learning about better lifestyle choices may also make you healthier, feel more fulfilled, and meet new people.

Getting Relapse Prevention Help at Clear Life Recovery

Have you been unable to quit and stay clean long-term? Well, Clear Life Recovery can help you put drugs and alcohol in your past for good. Relapse prevention is one of many Orange County addiction therapy services we excel in. Namely, our holistic SoCal treatment center offers clients everything they need to make lasting life changes. We have friendly, caring staff who customize plans for each individual’s needs. Stopping relapse is the purpose of our programs, including:

Clear Life Recovery can teach you the skills to remain sober outside rehab. In fact, our relapse prevention therapy sessions in Costa Mesa are very successful. Contact us today at 866-261-7291 to prepare for the road ahead without drugs or alcohol.