Medical staff member talking to a male client about the Orange County PHP program at Clear LifeWhen you need to get out of the endless cycle of substance abuse and addiction, an Orange County PHP program may provide your best fit. Once referred to as “day treatment,” PHP works for many of the 2.6 million Americans seeking rehab help each year. These types of programs give you much of the intensity of residential addiction treatment programs, yet allows you to continue living life outside of the rehab center. A partial hospitalization program helps people needing more focus than IOP-Intensive Outpatient Program treatment provides, but not able or required to reside at the treatment facility.

What is an Orange County PHP Program?

Looking for rehab treatment leads you to many new terms and key phrases. Many of these feel confusing, in that they form an entire language for recovery. One such type of treatment is a PHP program, meaning a partial hospitalization program. But do not let the name confuse you. PHP or partial hospitalization program does not mean you stay in a hospital.

An Orange County PHP program can help you, like these types of treatment helped millions of people since the 1960s. When you take part in PHP rehab, you gain highly comprehensive rehab treatment but also continue living at home. On average, PHP programs involve being at your chosen rehab for six hours per day, five days per week. In other words, your PHP treatment takes the shape of a “day job” for a set period.

PHP provides an alternative to residential or “inpatient” rehab. For particularly tough addictions such as for heroin, a PHP program keeps you fully supported and cared for while enabling you to continue being around family and living at home. Of course, the key to this type of treatment is knowing you have a reliable, healthy support system in place at home. You also need a stable household so you do not risk giving into relapse triggers or temptations during your treatment.

For many people without health insurance, an Orange County PHP program gives them the level of intensity they need from treatment, without paying for rehab with your life savings. Since you do not live at the facility, you save money typically spent on a room, daily meals, and 24-hour supervision.

PHP also works well if you have specific medical or psychological needs during early recovery. Being at the facility for about six or more hours per day, five days per week on average maintains your essential support system for these needs.

How a Partial Hospitalization Program Works

A partial hospitalization program is highly structured. For some people, PHP starts them on the track to recovery. For others, a PHP program is a stepping stone between residential treatment and a less focused intensive outpatient (IOP) or outpatient (OP) program.

An Orange County PHP program usually fits your needs if you struggle with a mild to moderate substance abuse disorder but need ongoing medical monitoring. It works well for people not at risk for self-harm or quick relapse. Some detox programs offer PHP, just as rehabs often do. For people with mild or moderate addiction, PHP provides a quality level of care.

To do well in PHP, you need the ability to be at your rehab facility each treatment day. You also must be physically, mentally, and emotionally stable enough to go through intense therapies, education, and treatment each day without needing 24-hour support, such as at night. If you live in a high-risk home where substance abuse takes place, PHP is not a good fit.

For your PHP treatment, you gain a rehab schedule that you must follow. You attend classes, support groups, individual counseling and family therapy according to this schedule. At night or after your treatment you go home, spend time with family and sleep before attending your program again the next weekday.

PHP Program Treatment in Orange County

Orange County PHP program treatment is available at Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. At Clear Life Recovery, a top-notch Orange County substance abuse treatment center, your PHP program treatment gives you access to high-quality rehab programs. We also offer therapies and support you need for active recovery. These Orange County PHP programs include:

  • Care from detox through sober living
  • Co-occurring conditions treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Holistic and group therapies
  • SMART recovery
  • Exercise programs, nutrition, beach activities, and outdoor recreation

Clear Life Recovery provides a complete continuum of care, including an Orange County PHP program. Call Clear Life Recovery now at 866-261-7291 for more information about this path to long-term recovery.