Adderall combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. This drug helps people with these conditions live normal lives by increasing their alertness, focus, and attention. But other people without these conditions seek the drug for its high and fabled effects as a “study drug.” Sadly, this leads them into addiction and need for Adderall addiction treatment center help.

About Adderall Abuse and AddictionAdderall Addiction Treatment Center in California.

Adderall binds to receptors in your brain and adrenal gland. These receptors use natural chemicals in your body to regulate pleasure. The natural pleasure chemicals include norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. When you abuse Adderall, it increases the flow of these chemicals, causing a rush of pleasure and focus.

This euphoric high becomes addictive to people misusing the drug. Although as medication Adderall helps many people, others suffer serious problems due to its abuse. Few seem to realize that Adderall falls into the same drug category as meth, cocaine, opium, and oxycodone. Being in this category makes it equally damaging and even deadly.

People who use the drug without a prescription often crush the pills to snort or inject them. This delivers a quicker and more intense high than just taking the pills orally.

College students frequently seek its effects to improve their study focus, stay awake at night and enjoy increased energy. But the reality of this is that most see no improvement in their grades or test scores. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that most who abuse Adderall receive lower scores and GPAs than people not using it.

Why People Need an Adderall Addiction Treatment Center

Doctors prescribe Adderall to help people with attention and sleep problems live normal, productive lives. Both adults and children benefit from the medication when prescribed. But so many people abuse Adderall that the DEA closely monitors its availability as a Schedule II stimulant. Sadly, those abusing it suffer addiction and medical problems including the possibility of lasting brain damage.

But how do you know if someone you love abuses Adderall and needs help from an Adderall addiction treatment center? Family members and other loved ones must look closely at a person’s behavior to uncover this drug abuse. Although hiding the activity is easy at first, symptoms become clearer over time.

Common signs that someone you love abuses Adderall include sleep problems, upper abdominal cramps, lost appetite, and vomiting. They are also easily angered or appear annoyed. Less common signs include depression, hallucinations, seizures, heart attack, and aggressive behavior. Overdose becomes a very real possibility with the drug’s misuse. With overdose comes many other signs and symptoms, including confusion, panic, restlessness, tremor, depression, and hallucinations.

Once stimulant addiction begins, stopping the use of the drug triggers ill feelings of withdrawal. This leads most people to take more of the pills, risking overdose death. The only other option to dying through overdose is that of seeking Adderall addiction treatment center help.

Help for Your Adderall Addiction

Help for Adderall addiction requires multiple levels of care. These start with medically supervised detox, then residential rehab, and other rehab treatment at Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. Once rehab ends you still need support through aftercare, such as a sober living program. However, through this prescription drug addiction treatment program in Southern California, you can put drug and alcohol abuse forever behind you.

For example, programs and treatments of Clear Life Recovery include:

When you gain the right therapy and support, it is possible to end your addiction to Adderall, alcohol or other drugs. Therefore, call Clear Life Recovery now at 866-261-7291. Reach out today for more information about our Adderall addiction treatment center.