Most people have heard of or know someone who has participated in a 12 step drug rehab program. While these programs work for some, they aren’t for everyone. In those cases, finding a non 12 step rehab center is a great alternative. In fact, it’s possible to locate a rehab center that offers both.

What Is a Non 12 Step Rehab Center?

There’s no set definition for a non 12 step rehab program. This term just refers to a program that doesn’t follow the traditional 12 step formula. Because of that, several therapies and programs fall into this category.

Smiling man at a non 12 step rehab centerFor starters, non 12 step treatment includes scientific and evidence-based approaches to addiction recovery. Unlike 12 step programs, these treatment plans typically address individual needs better and often have proven measurable results. The reason is that it’s easier for experts to tailor the services to individual needs.

In general, 12 step programs have a set course of steps that everyone usually follows in numerical order. The 12 steps have a spiritual component that some find uncomfortable. The steps do work for many and they have a decent track record and acceptance by many Orange County substance abuse treatment centers. However, they don’t work for everyone. That’s why finding a non 12 step rehab center is very important for some.

What Are the Differences Between 12 Step and Non 12 Step Programs?

12 step and non 12 step rehab programs have a few differences. One of the biggest is their approaches to treatment.

Traditional 12 step programs treat drug or alcohol addiction as the primary problem. The steps are a blueprint for quitting drugs or alcohol and finding a way to recovery with abstinence and prayer. The idea with 12 step rehab is that problems stem from the addiction itself. With this theory, people can recover if rehab centers address the addictions as well as the spiritual “hole in the soul.” This method works fine for some people.

However, non 12 step rehab takes a slightly different approach. It still works on the premise that dependence and abuse are a big part of the problem. At the same time, though, it focuses on scientific evaluations of underlying issues. Usually, A non 12 step rehab center puts more emphasis on treating clients with individual addiction therapy and evidence-based practices as well as the problems that lead people to abuse drugs.

Finding Power From Within

Getting support from a higher power is a big part of the 12 step plan. In fact, it prioritizes the need for this higher power. For some individuals, relying on a higher power gives them the courage and strength they need to succeed. Others, though, do better when they accept personal responsibility.

Turning to a higher power promotes acceptance. However, it can also preclude personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility out of the equation isn’t always the right move. It leaves some people feeling like it’s not up to them whether or not they succeed.

Despite that, non 12 step rehab programs may still take spirituality into consideration. They usually just put less emphasis on it. Instead, they encourage people to develop their own motivations to overcome dependence.

Sometimes, people end up turning to a higher power anyway, which is fine. Non 12 step treatment gives them the freedom to choose without following a set plan.

Clear Life Recovery Offers Non 12 Step and 12 Step Rehab

Are you unsure about which treatment style will work best for you? At Clear Life Recovery, you don’t have to choose.

We’re both a 12 step and a non 12 step rehab center. You’re free to choose the treatment options that best fit your needs. This freedom of choice separates us from other rehab centers.

Clear Life Recovery offers a wide range of programs too. We believe that our lineup of programs will make the difference in your recovery. Some of our treatment programs include:

Find out what a non 12 step rehab center can do for you. Let the experts at Clear Life Recovery lead the way. Reach out to us today at 866-261-7291 for more information.