While abusing drugs or alcohol, typical addicts usually neglect their health. When combined with the side effects of substance abuse, the addict’s body and mind take a terrible beating. As part of the addiction treatment process, it’s essential for the addict to get an opportunity to regain their physical health as well as dealing with possible psychological issues. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand what role nutrition therapy plays in the recovery process.

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Woman making grocery list as part of nutrition therapyIn recent years, top rehab facilities like Clear Life Recovery have begun putting more emphasis on holistic treatment methods. As the word indicates, the overall holistic approach addresses the whole individual. With nutrition therapy, addiction counselors will place emphasis on using nutrition to help nurse the patient’s body back to health. More than a few experts agree that a healthy body is essential for a happy mind.

An addiction clinician will typically design a nutrition therapy program around two things. The first is teaching patients the importance of eating correctly. That usually includes eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking lots of water. When possible, taking vitamin supplements is also suggested. The second thing is putting a focus on exercise and physical activity. It’s no secret that many doctors recommend both a healthy diet and a full exercise regimen. They view this as the proper way to keep the body and mind functioning at the highest levels.

How Nutrition Therapy Helps in Addiction Treatment

In the prior section, we discussed the importance of maintaining a proper diet during recovery. The body and mind simply need the proper nutrients to heal.

Without a doubt, we can define addiction as the habitual taking of harmful substances. The operative word is habitual. If an addict gives up drugs, they often seek other habitual activities to take the place of their substance abuse. We must show concern about where recovering addicts seek their fulfillment. If it’s sex, gambling or any other vice, the addict is likely to end up right back in the same place.

As the best Orange County Ca addiction treatment center, we believe shifting the addict’s focus on nutrition makes sense. It’s a healthy alternative to some of the other possibilities. After all, how much trouble can someone encounter when they are habitually eating healthy foods and exercising? Even in the worst case scenario, we get an individual who spends too much time reading labels at the grocery store.

There’s another reason why nutrition education might help a recovering addict stay clean. There is evidence that supports the theory of unhealthy eating creates harmful behaviors. Folks who maintain a high-fat low fiber diet usually face weight problems. Weight problems can lead to depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are common causes of substance abuse. If we can help patients with their body image, it’s possible they won’t feel self-destructive. Bingo! The needs to abuse harmful substances subside.

Information About Clear Life Recovery

At our Costa Mesa addiction treatment programs, we strive to put our patients back on the path to a happy life. That means helping them become more well-rounded individuals. Our entire approach to treatment is holistic healing. Of course, we offer traditional treatment options like individual and group therapy. We just prefer to add holistic treatment options to create a happier lifestyle alternative for the patient. Here are a few of our extra services and amenities:

  • In-house detox
  • Access to 12-Step programs
  • Mens alcohol rehab program
  • Exercise programs
  • Nutrition education with a qualified nutrition expert/Chef
  • Outdoor activities

If you are struggling to maintain sobriety, we believe programs like nutrition therapy could make a difference. It could be that holistic healing is precisely what the doctor orders. If you would like more information about our recovery programs, you can call us at 866-261-7291. The truth is you cannot continue living in the cycle of addiction. The good news is we can help at Clear Life Recovery. All you have to do is reach out.