Experiential therapy is highly interactive, challenging type of therapy with specific goals. Instead of sitting still with a counselor in an enclosed room, as you do with individual counseling or talk therapy, experiential methods use hands-on actions and movements. It helps you dig deeper into your thoughts and feelings while creating positive change. Since the 1970s, this therapy has provided many benefits for people seeking to end drug and alcohol addiction.

Specifically What is experiential therapy?

Experiential Therapy in California.Experiential therapy is not a single type of therapy. Instead, it is a group of therapies using actions to accomplish recovery goals. For example, experiential methods include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Arts and music therapy
  • Physical fitness or martial arts
  • Food and nutrition
  • Outdoor activities

Therapies in the experiential realm include individuals or groups. Experiences and activities are at the core of your growth in these methods. Also important are your natural actions, instead of thinking about how to say or do “the right thing.” These sessions enable you to let your guard down and go with your instincts.

Experiential methods work well for a range of mental and behavioral problems. They also work well for team building. People who instantly benefit from these sessions include adults and young people in substance abuse treatment. Others include those with behavioral disorders, eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders, compulsions, anxiety and grief.

Benefits of Experiential Methods

In experiential therapy sessions, you enjoy more immediate insights, successes, changes and growth. You see obstacles directly in front of you during a session. This differs from talk therapy, where you think about and discuss obstacles and potential solutions. Because the hurdles are concrete, you build self-esteem and personal accountability quickly through your successes.

As you progress through a hands-on therapy session, you feel empowered in your own change. You also gain comfort in realizing your instincts prove correct. You acknowledge that your thoughts usually create bigger obstacles than the real hurdles in front of you. Self-trust builds, along with mindfulness.

When you struggle in experiential activity, you see your behaviors from a clearer, fresh perspective. You also more easily connect your thoughts and experiences to these behaviors. With your struggles in technicolor view, you enjoy big breakthroughs for changing how you react in certain situations.

Experiential methods do not just focus on unveiling your shortcomings. You also learn your strengths, ability to work with teams, tenacity and other positive traits. In group activities, you also gain immediate feedback regarding these strengths. This builds strength, confidence and character.

Finally, activities used in experiential therapy open doors to your own sober socialization. You learn how to enjoy new activities while sober. This helps you improve communication and build bonds with others.

The Right Therapies and Programs for Your Recovery

Regardless of the substances you once abused, getting the right mix of therapies and treatments plays a vital role in your addiction recovery. At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California you gain lifelong change for a better life with freedom from substance abuse.

Programs of Clear Life Recovery take place as part of a full continuum of care starting with detox and continuing through rehab and sober living. These programs and services include:

For the better life you dream of, achieve healthy sobriety and overall wellness through Clear Life Recovery’s experiential therapy. Moreover, we also offer other addiction therapy services in Southern California. Call Clear Life Recovery now at 866-261-7291.