“Clear Life Recovery changed my heart, mind and sobriety. Their facilities are really nice and super clean. The staff is knowledgeable about each client’s recovery. I cannot thank this place enough. I highly recommended them to everyone.” -ROBERT DUNLOP

“CL Detox has everything you need to start your journey in recovery. The home is very clean, comfortable, great food, and my heart has a special place for the staff here. I suggest you come here to detox and listen to the staff, ask questions, be open-minded and lighten up! Life is good if you allow it to be.” -TYLER DAY

“9 months ago-I went here for recovery and it was just what I needed. All the staff was friendly and very helpful. The groups we done all the activities going to meetings everything is a part of my recovery and owe them so much. Words cannot explain how much this place helped me stay sober and turn my life around thank you guys at clear life recovery it means so much to me and my family-Josh” – MACKENZIE BALDRIDGE

“Clearlife gave me time for self reflection and required me to ask myself the hard questions I was always avoiding. I’m used to doing everything my own way and people listening to the tasks I sign them. They removed me from my comfort zone and reminded me daily that the other people in the house were my equals. I was no better or worse than any of my peers, we were all there for the same reason. It was humbling and allowed me to grow mentally and spiritually.” – TOM FORD