a financial advisor can help you figure out about paying for rehab in southern californiaYour finances may form the most significant hurdle to getting the rehab treatment you need. But paying for rehab in Southern California is not as difficult as most people believe. Even if you find yourself unemployed, without insurance or anyone in your family standing by you, you can find ways to pay for treatment. Your best resource at this time is the rehab’s admissions counselors who have seen people get into treatment despite very difficult financial backgrounds.

Options for Paying for Rehab in Southern California

Rehab is a considerable investment. When you consider all of the costs of treatment, you find yourself confused about how you can get this help. But do not spend all of your time, money and energy on finding recovery dollars. Your new life in sobriety makes it all worthwhile.

Some people benefit from having lots of money in their bank accounts. But when you suffer the struggles of a fixed income or no earnings at all, entering addiction treatment programs in California seems impossible. The good news is that people with low or limited income often qualify for low cost and sliding scale programs. They also can be eligible for financing methods designed for these exact needs of paying for rehab in Southern California.

Of course, health insurance is your biggest ally in finding treatment and paying for it. Many rehabs accept policies just like yours to pay for addiction treatment. Your chosen program’s admissions counselor takes down your insurance information, then verifies the policy benefits toward paying for rehab in Southern California. This means you do little work in finding how to pay for rehab, with your insurance possibly covering a major part of your expenses.

When verifying your insurance coverage, the counselor finds out if the insurance provider covers residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient or other programs. Another step forward is finding out if the treatment facility is part of your insurance company’s network. Next questions include how many days of rehab your policy covers and which specific services it pays for.

You can see that talking with a counselor helps you enter treatment with less stress and knowing exactly what your insurance covers.

Paying for Rehab Using Financing and Credit Programs

Multiple healthcare financing programs help you in paying for rehab. Your substance abuse treatment center can refer you to some creative financing options used in the past. You can also search the web for financing options.

Sometimes individual rehab programs offer in-house financing. Therefore, enabling you to make payments to the treatment center and pay for rehab in affordable monthly amounts. You can work rehab payments into your monthly budget.

Additional options include secured or unsecured loans. You can talk to your bank or other financial company about these loans. Many people benefit from flexible payment options and low-interest rates, especially if they have a history with the chosen bank.

Finally, consider these means for paying for rehab in Southern California:

  • Loans from family, partners or friends
  • Help from your workplace EAP
  • Retirement accounts and IRAs
  • Personal savings accounts

Finding the Right Financial Resources for Your Treatment

For your treatment at Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA, you do not stand alone in seeking financial assistance. Your admissions counselor works to help you find methods for paying for rehab in Southern California.

Programs of Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA include:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential rehab
  • Partial hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Sober living
  • A wide array of individual, group and family therapies

Treatment at Clear Life Recovery Center in Southern California is worth its cost. You gain immediate access to the critical programs and services designed to help you make lifelong changes for lasting recovery.

Call an admissions counselor at Clear Life Recovery Center now to learn more about paying for rehab in Southern California. Do not give up on your chance for a better life in sobriety. Call Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa at 866-261-7291 for details about available programs and seizing your opportunity for a better life.