Many people who struggle with addiction follow the same route to recovery. However, there is no such thing as a treatment plan that is one size fits all. At Clear Life Recovery, individual addiction therapy is key. This allows each client to follow their path toward health, happiness and a lifetime of sobriety.

No Two Individuals Have the Same Addiction Story

Man seriously considering counselors words during individual addiction therapyAlthough two men might both be struggling with opioid addiction, they don’t have the same addiction history. One man might have dealt with chronic pain for years, while another might have tried opioid drugs recreationally. One might struggle with anxiety, while the other has a history of PTSD.

Since no two clients are the same, no two clients will need the same kind of treatment. Individual addiction therapy takes this into consideration and allows for a customized treatment plan. That’s because factors like the length of addiction, the kind of drugs being used, family history and even age can play a role in an addiction treatment program in Orange County. All clients deserve therapy and support that is specially designed for their needs and their recovery.

Customized Continuum of Care

Addiction recovery isn’t something that can happen in a matter of days. Most clients will need to complete the full continuum of care. At Clear Life Recovery, the process begins at detox and goes all the way to outpatient support and aftercare. This allows men to follow the best route for them and get help every step of the way.

In almost all cases, the best place to begin is with a detox. This allows the body to break free from the chemical bonds of addiction. Once detox is complete, then it is time to learn about maintaining sobriety.

After detox, clients can transition to a residential program. This is the chance to build healthy habits and address some of the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place. Then, clients can pursue intensive outpatient programs or outpatient programs, both of which allow for additional individual addiction therapy. Ultimately, each client can progress through each stage according to their own needs and lifestyle.

Individual Therapy Sessions Allow for Specification

Group addiction therapy introduces a new dynamic to recovery, and it can be an incredibly valuable tool in rehab. However, it can also make it harder to discuss sensitive topics. Sometimes, men need to have a one-on-one environment so that they can be vulnerable, open and honest without fear of judgment.

In an individual therapy session, the environment is conducive to productive conversation. Clients can open up about the things that trouble them the most. They can discuss their worries about the future and their struggles in the past. Besides, they can also get individualized suggestions for coping mechanisms and tips for relapse prevention for the future.

Clients Can Choose From a Range of Holistic Therapies

Individual addiction therapy at Clear Life Recovery means that clients can choose from a wide range of holistic treatments. By offering lots of choices, clients can pick and choose the therapies that sound best to them. Some people may benefit from the 12 step program, but others might skip that in favor of another more suitable plan.

Sometimes, fitness therapy is helpful for those in recovery. Coupled with better nutrition, fitness therapies can boost overall health and confidence. Similarly, job placement and career advice can prepare clients for the real world. This is a great way to feel more confident about the end of rehab and the beginning of an independent lifestyle.

Individual Addiction Therapy at Clear Life Recovery

At Clear Life Recovery, individual addiction therapy is just one part of the equation. Getting help is designed to be comfortable at Clear Life Recovery, and that starts with clear communication, helpful staff, and quick rehab insurance verification. During the recovery process, a wide range of therapies are available. Just some of the options available to clients include:

Individual addiction therapy is crucial so that clients can get one-on-one attention for their addiction problems. At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, custom care is available. Call 866-261-7291 to learn more about crafting your personalized route to recovery.