You’ve just completed a medical detox and primary care rehab. Now what? Where can you turn for continued aftercare? Many people opt for a full-service SoCal treatment center, but often times a sober living program is a great aftercare step.

Sober Living programs are used as transitional plans for former addicted clients to get back on their feet. In sober living and other extended care programs, residents learn how to survive without drugs or alcohol and without 24/7 supervision. Therefore, clients start gaining independence but still have support to prevent relapse. In fact, staying in a sober living house dramatically increases the long-term success rate after rehab. 

What’s Involved in a Sober Living Program

Smiling guy with glasses smiling about his happy sober living programCosta Mesa sober living facilities offer a secure, supportive place for residents to progress from our Orange County residential addiction treatment center to their own homes slowly. In other words, small groups of recovering patients dorm together to help each other stay on track. Each client must make a commitment to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Further, they perform random testing to ensure this rule isn’t broken. If relapse occurs, the sober living team responds immediately to prevent a downward spiral. Therapists and social workers will also visit regularly to assess progress. Also, sober living residents attend outpatient programs and may return to work or school. During the evenings, clients can participate in house meetings, make nutritious meals, exercise, and fulfill their chore duties. Overall, sober living programs help rehab graduates develop a structured routine that bodes well for the future.

Essential Life Skills Learned in Sober Living

Of course, the sober living program seeks to stop drug and alcohol abuse for good. However, the most significant goal of a sober living program is to build lifelong skills to cope without substances. For example, programs teach participants how to form healthy relationships. Living side-by-side with others helps improve communication. Similarly, daily interactions could resolve triggers of shyness or social anxiety. The residents must work together to assign tasks for a tidy household and act responsibly. Financially, clients practice basic budgeting by paying for their own rent, groceries, and personal supplies. Likewise, time management skills are fostered as sober clients juggle several outpatient activities. Sober living after an inpatient drug treatment program sparks growth with many essential abilities, such as:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Avoiding traumatizing triggers
  • Resisting cravings and impulses
  • Preparing nutrient-rich foods
  • Releasing negative thoughts

Benefits of a Sober Living Program

Unfortunately, returning home right after rehab can make clients go right back to their old habits. Therefore, a sober living program is often the best way to bridge the gap between rehab and home.

What should you look for? We recommend finding a holistic center located in Costa Mesa to help with the transition between our residential program and the real world. In Costa Mesa, residents can enjoy the beach and outdoor activities that distract from urges. There are also opportunities to prioritize health with fitness, boxing, and jiu-jitsu coaches that are available at some sober living centers. 

Moreover, many sober living programs offer vocational assistance to set up local jobs. Working again helps clients restore their sense of purpose and discover their passions.

If something comes up and the concern for relapse becomes strong, a sober living program may be a great first step to help prevent the situation from getting worse.  Of course, if a relapse occurs, it’s recommended that the individual seek treatment again.  Fortunately, anyone attending an addiction treatment program at Clear Life Recovery will have access to our alumni groups and relapse prevention services.

Get and Stay Clean at Clear Life Recovery

Are you worried about re-acclimating to your home life alone? Or does your loved one need extra support you’re unable to give? Then, turn to Clear Life Recovery for more resources to overcome addiction setbacks. We will work with you to find the best transitional living program that provides enough accountability to reduce relapse risks. We can also address each resident’s unique needs after 30 to 90 days of rehab with an Orange County IOP–intensive outpatient program.

We’re accredited to provide excellent services, including:

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