Men throughout the United States just like you or someone you love, struggle with addiction each day. In fact, alcohol dependence is the most common substance use disorder in the country today. When you are ready to overcome your drinking problem, you need specialized help for a real chance of lasting sobriety. But where does that help come from and will you succeed after treatment in a mens alcohol rehab center?

Mens Alcohol Rehab Center Treatment Starts with Detox

Faceless men chatting at a mens alcohol rehab centerMens alcohol rehab center treatment starts with supervised detox. Alcohol detox endangers your health more than most types of drug detox. Few people realize the actual risks of going “cold turkey,” so getting the help you need is critical. In a supervised detox program, you receive the medical supervision you need to break through to sobriety safely.

Getting through detox means gaining the support and comforts you need. That includes attentive care to watch over your vital signs and provide proper nutrition to help you build your strength. You achieve sobriety so much easier when people who understand your condition help you. Once detox ends, you start rehabilitation at a mens alcohol rehab center.

Treatment in a Mens Alcohol Rehab Center

At a mens alcohol rehab center, you gain the therapies, education, and support you need to completely understand your alcohol use disorder. You learn about the disease and how to ensure you do not relapse back into it. This education also involves learning about how drinking affects you as an individual, particularly if you suffer co-occurring conditions.

Co-occurring conditions of mental illness often lead people into alcohol abuse. Depression, anxiety and other psychological problems often feel better when you first start drinking. But soon, the need to feel better through self-medication takes you into an active dependence on alcohol.

In a quality mens alcohol rehab center, you learn what you need to stay mentally and emotionally balanced, as well as physically healthy. You learn coping skills to keep you from falling into relapse. All of this learning takes place with a wide range of therapies, including traditional and holistic methods.

Whether you need residential rehab, an intensive outpatient program or a partial hospitalization program after detox depends on your individual case. An addiction assessment helps you understand these needs and find the right level of care for a real chance of bringing your alcohol abuse to an end.

After A Mens Alcohol Rehab Program

After your mens alcohol rehab program treatment, you move on to aftercare. This level of care includes options like sober living and community support programs. Before actually leaving your mens alcohol rehab program, you work with your counselors to form a discharge plan. This plan includes options for keeping you on track in your new sober life.

A mens alcohol rehab center understands the importance of helping you prepare for the work world after treatment. This preparation pays off a great deal, as you start looking for a job and become a stable, productive member of society.

Treatment You Need in Costa Mesa, CA

At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA you receive the multiple levels of care you need for lasting wellness and sobriety. These levels start with supervised medical detox and continue through your rehab treatment. As your mens alcohol rehab program draws to an end, you make the right decisions about your aftercare and the rest of your life.

Programs at Clear Life Recovery include:

  • Costa Mesa alcohol addiction treatment
  • Supervised, medical detox
  • Residential rehab
  • IOP and PHP programs
  • Aftercare and sober living
  • Individual, group and holistic therapies
  • Physical fitness, nutrition, and job preparation assistance

For your new life in sobriety, you deserve the best Orange County CA addiction treatment center possible for a chance of a bright future. That bright future starts at a mens alcohol rehab center treatment like Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. Call Clear Life Recovery now at 866-261-7291 for more information about available programs.