Our Addiction Treatment Center

With eyes toward your future, Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California provides a full continuum of care from detox through sober living. What does this mean for your addiction recovery? It means you do not stand alone in your recovery, from the earliest days of sobriety through the satisfaction of attaining the goals you work hard to achieve. Get to know the services of the best Orange County CA addiction treatment center and how those services will change your life.

Orange County Addiction Treatment Programs

What is the “Full Continuum” of Care at the Best Orange County CA Addiction Treatment Center?

A full continuum of care is a complete array of Southern California addiction treatment programs starting from the very moment you decide to go for treatment. This care encircles you, providing the support, guidance, education, and help you need throughout treatment and well beyond. This means you turn to one resource for your detox, rehab, and aftercare.

Beyond convenience, Clear Life Recovery’s Costa Mesa CA addiction treatment center keeps you focused on what matters most. No distractions exist toward finding separate facilities for different phases of recovery. There is no overlapping search for facilities, no verifying insurance with multiple providers, no arranging transportation between facilities or otherwise tracking down the help you need. Instead, you start with Clear Life Recovery, and you continue growing in recovery with the best Orange County CA addiction treatment center each step of the way.

As part of the full continuum of care, the services that the best Orange County CA addiction treatment center provides include:

  • Supervised detox
  • Residential rehab
  • PHP and IOP
  • Sober living
  • 12 step and non 12 step recovery
  • SMART recovery
  • CBT, individual, group and family therapies

Your relationship with Clear Life Recovery endures through all phases of your recovery. Help and support do not end when you leave our programs. Instead, this best Orange County CA addiction treatment center helps you find your way in long-term wellness and life balance, including your personal life, career, and family.

What Benefits Does this Costa Mesa CA Addiction Treatment Center Provide?

In your active addiction, you suffer many losses. You lose work, relationships, self-esteem, and even your identity. At our substance abuse treatment center, you must find all of these again, rebuilding your confidence and expectations for yourself and the world around you. Keep in mind, however, that this takes time, effort, and focus.

At Clear Life Recovery, your goals for the future also shape your individual path to recovery. This Costa Mesa CA addiction treatment center does not stop with helping you achieve sobriety. Instead, you find yourself with true companions through your entire journey into the life you truly want.

From small moments like starting to feel better in detox, to bigger moments like finding a real job, you do not experience your new life alone. You had enough of being alone in your addiction and isolation. There is no reason to feel alone in recovery. At the Costa Mesa CA addiction treatment center of Clear Life Recovery, you’re surrounded by peers and caring counselors that help map your future and reach your goals.

Of course, rebuilding yourself takes work. The tools for getting to the life you dream of include physical fitness, well-balanced nutrition, good health, and plenty of outdoor enjoyment. Specific benefits of detox and rehab at Clear Life Recovery include:

  • Job assistance
  • Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu coaching
  • Trips to the gym
  • Private chef and nutrition information
  • Beach excursions
  • Outdoor experiences
  • Holistic therapies

This Costa Mesa CA addiction treatment center provides a clear pathway to recovery, the way you want your recovery to take shape. Through focus, hard work, and services provided by Clear Life Recovery, you can succeed in your new life.

Unlock the Door to Your Future through Clear Life Recovery

Receive the treatment you need for your brightest future. Reach out to Clear Life Recovery. Take advantage of the best Orange County CA addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa by calling 866-261-7291. Your life of freedom is waiting for you.