Everyone has normal, healthy reactions when they face stressful or dangerous situations. However, persistent and unfounded fears may represent a serious anxiety disorder. Physical and psychological symptoms require an anxiety treatment program.

Appropriate treatment offers an alternative to reaching for other things to cope with symptoms. Most common for people with anxiety disorders is to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. These substances may bring temporary relief, but they will also create other problems.

Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol can backfire. Substance abuse intensifies the effects of anxiety instead of easing the discomfort a person feels. By worsening symptoms, the person’s need to use more gets reinforced.

They are unable to function normally without abusing. This creates a cycle of substance abuse that may lead to dependence and addiction. Anxiety is still present and interferes with their close relationships, social activities and work performance.

Constant fear and worry is more than personality quirks. They carry debilitating symptoms that need a combination of treatments. Effective recovery programs become more important when substance abuse complicates anxiety.

Why Consider an Anxiety Treatment Program?

Anxiety is something that most people feel at different times in their life. It is normal to feel nervous or apprehensive when facing a difficult situation. However, an anxiety disorder is a different level that seriously affects the brain. It can paralyze a person with constant worry and fear.

Anxiety Treatment Program in California.Left untreated, an anxiety disorder quickly interferes with the person’s life. Moreover, they have a difficult time functioning each day. Symptoms can prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities at home, work or school.

Specifically, their concentration suffers. Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships become nearly impossible.

A comprehensive anxiety treatment program uncovers and explores root causes of the condition. Furthermore, treatment lets a person identify and modify self-defeating thoughts and habits. The person who deals with anxiety by developing an addiction will benefit from a dual diagnosis treatment plan.

They will need specialized treatment that addresses anxiety and substance abuse. These co-occurring conditions require several levels of care that begins with detoxification.

Care continues with rehab, therapy, and aftercare. Additionally, this process helps to strengthen the person’s support system and reinforce their self-worth. They learn new coping strategies for dealing with highly stressful situations. Techniques are often covered in settings like individual or family addiction therapy.

Treatment Programs for Anxiety

An initial assessment helps to determine the person’s needs. However, to be effective, part of their anxiety treatment program should include stopping the abuse of substances. They should learn how to manage symptoms of both disorders.

Treatment programs involve activities and therapies where the person reduces self-destructive behaviors. They can take advantage of a safe environment that fosters positive, life-affirming views.

This can occur during individual therapy sessions that use evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. During CBT sessions, a person learns why they started abusing. They realize the underlying reason they chose drugs or alcohol to mask their problems.

Ease Your Anxiety Disorders at Clear Life Recovery

Comprehensive treatment programs are the solution to anxiety and substance abuse. Integrating services when a person has a mental illness and addiction problem is what Clear Life Recovery offers. We know that one condition cannot be treated without effectively treating the other. Let us help you.

Our addiction treatment facility goes beneath the surface to ensure long-lasting recovery. We deliver everything you will need for a better life. For example, our services include:

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