Learn About Detoxing from Alcohol and the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction or concerned about the dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal like delirium tremens, deciding to enroll at an alcohol detox center is not easy. If you’ve started to consider detoxing from alcohol at this point in your addiction, kudos for taking this first huge step towards recovery. While detox alone will not be enough to pull you out of addiction’s grasp, it can drastically enhance your recovery efforts and set you on the right path towards a happier and healthier future. 

Once you complete detox at a center as knowledgeable and compassionate as Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA, you can begin your unique journey through rehab with a better mindset to maintain sobriety.

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What is an Alcohol Addiction? 

Withdrawal from alcohol is necessary for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, otherwise known as alcohol use disorder. This disorder is a mental health condition that renders users unable to control the amount or frequency of alcohol consumption, leading to an emotional and physical dependence on the drug.

Some of the signs that point to a problem with alcohol include:

  • Strong cravings and urges for alcohol
  • Partaking in dangerous behaviors while under the influence
  • Inability to stop drinking despite numerous attempts
  • Withdrawal from work, family, and other responsibilities
  • Needing more and more alcohol to achieve a desired physical effect

Alcohol Detox is the Smart First Step of the Recovery Process

Alcohol detox center in California.Currently, millions of U.S. residents meet the criteria for needing professional addiction treatment. If your drinking has already progressed beyond an increased tolerance and dependency, you could be well on your way towards full-blown addiction or even alcoholism. To prevent your condition from worsening, you are urged to seek reliable alcohol treatment that includes supervised detox.

An addiction and alcohol detox center like Clear Life Recovery can help you recover your life in many ways. First, our team of medical specialists can assist you as you navigate the sometimes chaotic detox phase. Detoxification is the process of fully ridding alcohol from your system before starting your treatment program. While every person is different, detoxification can last anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks.

Expect These Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal During Alcohol Detox

If you’ve been a long-time heavy drinker, your withdrawal symptoms could emerge in as little as a few hours after your last drink. Heavy drinkers also commonly experience a more severe withdrawal than those who drink less frequently or in smaller doses. Other factors like genetics and co-occurring mental disorders also contribute to the severity of withdrawal.

While the detox process can look and feel different from person to person, there are a variety of withdrawal symptoms that can make this period quite painful and uncomfortable. Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Nausea
  • Shaky hands
  • Sweating
  • High blood pressure
  • Racing heart
  • Anxiety

Delirium Tremens

Additionally, in more severe cases of alcoholism, individuals may suffer from delirium tremens. Delirium tremens is a serious form of alcohol withdrawal in which individuals exhibit more intense symptoms like hallucinations, confusion, delirium, and body tremors, to name a few. The best way to safely manage these frightening characteristics of delirium tremens to be under the care of medical professionals. 

The Importance of a Medically Supervised Alcohol Detox

Be it a mild or a more severe case of alcohol addiction with side effects like delirium tremens, withdrawal is not a fun process, but you can undergo a safe and successful detox at our Orange County drug and alcohol detox center. Overall, checking into a professional detox center is a much better option for your mental and physical health than attempting to go through this stressful process alone.

This is because our dedicated professionals will monitor your overall health and progress closely during this time. Most withdrawal phases come and go without severe complications. Still, our specialists remain on-site 24/7 to monitor for seizures or other dangerous complications from delirium tremens.

Furthermore, our team of medical professionals can even prescribe medications to lessen the severity of the painful withdrawal symptoms while detoxing from alcohol, in turn creating as comfortable and relaxing an experience as possible. With the right tools and support from our compassionate team, you’ll be well on your way to recovering from your alcohol addiction in no time.

We’ll Help You Through the Symptoms of Withdrawal From Alcohol

If you’re serious about getting sober, our detox center is an excellent place to begin your journey. Detoxing before starting treatment will prepare you for a substance abuse recovery program with a clear mind and body. Once you’ve completed the detox portion of rehab, you’ll be ready to begin your personalized treatment plan to start your path to long-term recovery.

At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, we offer additional programs and therapies to fit a wide range of clients’ unique needs, backgrounds, and coinciding mental health concerns.

This includes:

At our detox center, you can start working towards your long-term goal of real and lasting sobriety. We will arm you with various tools and resources that can be used to achieve and maintain drastic lifestyle changes. Additionally, we’ll design a custom relapse prevention plan just for you. This will teach you how to avoid relapse and what to do if you backslide during your recovery journey.

Call Clear Life Recovery to Prosper Today

Don’t wait to find help for your drinking problem or with detoxing from alcohol. A detox center can help you stop drinking and guide you towards a healthier future. If you’re ready to work hard towards your goals, let the professionals at Clear Life Recovery handle your treatment needs to help you flourish.

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