Making the decision to enroll at an alcohol detox center is not easy. If you’ve come to this point in your addiction, kudos to you for taking this first huge step towards recovery. While detox alone will not be enough to pull you out of addiction’s grasp, it can drastically enhance your recovery efforts. Once you complete detox at a center like Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA, you can begin your unique journey through rehab.

Detox is the Smart First Step of the Recovery Process

Alcohol detox center in California.Currently, millions of U.S. residents meet the criteria for needing professional addiction treatment. If your drinking has already progressed beyond an increased tolerance and dependency, you could be well on your way towards full-blown addiction or even alcoholism. To prevent your condition from growing worse, you are urged to seek reliable alcohol treatment that includes supervised detox.

An addiction and alcohol detox center like Clear Life Recovery can help you recover your life in many ways. First, our team of medical specialists can assist you as you navigate the sometimes chaotic detox phase. If you’ve been a long-time heavy drinker, your withdrawal symptoms could emerge in as little as a few hours after your last drink. Heavy drinkers also commonly experience a more severe withdrawal than those who drink less frequently or in smaller doses. Other factors like genetics and co-occurring mental disorders also contribute to the severity of withdrawal.

Withdrawal is not a fun process, but you can undergo a safe and successful detox at our Orange County drug and alcohol detox center. During this time, your overall health and progress will be monitored closely by our dedicated professionals. Most withdrawal phases come and go without serious implications, but our specialists remain onsite 24/7 in case of possible complications.

Learn More About our Addiction and Alcohol Detox Center

If you’re serious about getting sober, our alcohol detox center is an excellent place to begin your journey. Choosing to go through detox prior to beginning treatment will help prepare you to enter in to a substance abuse recovery program with a clear mind. Once you’ve completed the detox portion of rehab, you’ll be ready to begin your personalized treatment plan.

At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, we offer additional programs and therapies like:

At our alcohol detox center, you can start working towards your long-term goal of real and lasting sobriety. We will arm you with various tools and resources that can be used to achieve and maintain drastic lifestyle changes. Additionally, we’ll design your very own relapse prevention plan to teach you how to avoid relapse and what to do if you slide backwards during your recovery journey.

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Don’t wait to find help for your alcohol problem. An alcohol detox center can help you stop drinking and guide you towards a healthier future. If you’re ready to work hard towards your goals, let the professionals at Clear Life Recovery handle your treatment needs. We invite you to learn more about our treatment programs and therapies by calling us toll-free at 866-261-7291. We would like the opportunity to personalize a program that can meet your specific rehabilitation needs.