Counselor and client discussing the costa mesa ca opiate addiction treatment program at Clear LifeOpioid addiction is no laughing matter. To break free from opiates, getting professional help and support is critical. At a Costa Mesa CA opiate addiction treatment program like Clear Life Recovery, you can begin your journey to recovery. Explore what makes an opiate addiction treatment program great and learn what to expect during recovery.

Why is a Treatment Center Necessary?

It is normal to ask whether a Costa Mesa CA opiate addiction treatment center is really necessary. It is possible for certain individuals to overcome addiction on their own. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Getting sober will be easier, safer and more effective if you have medical support and professional care from a substance abuse treatment center along the way.

Opioid addiction is a severe disease. Very few people would receive a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes and try to combat the illness without medical attention. It is essential to think of addiction in the same way. For the best chance at lifelong success, opt for formal recovery and treatment.

Searching For a Full Continuum of Care

There are many different types of drug addiction treatment programs. At some facilities, detox might be the primary program available. At others, there may be a set 30-day program for all clients. The ideal Costa Mesa CA opiate addiction treatment option, however, is one that offers a full continuum of care.

That means starting with a medically supervised detox. Medical monitoring is always important during detox, but especially so for those addicted to opiates. Opioid withdrawal is challenging, and there should be constant medical attention and treatment available. Plus, medical care can make withdrawal much easier and more comfortable for clients.

Then, clients should have access to a variety of rehab programs. For many clients, residential or inpatient care is recommended. Afterward, some clients may wish to step down to an intensive outpatient program. Finally, it can be helpful to have access to continuing care or sober living programs for continued sobriety and relapse prevention.

Focusing on Total Health and Wellness

Virtually every opiate addiction treatment program will emphasize physical health. However, the focus is sometimes on abstaining from certain substances and behaviors. Equally important is learning how to add new nutrients and activities to your daily life to boost your health and wellness.

To start, nutrition should be a priority. What you eat can play a significant role in your physical health, your ability to resist drug and alcohol cravings, and even your mood. Many clients need assistance when it comes to planning healthy meals, learning to prepare basic dishes, and getting into the habit of nutritious cooking on a daily basis.

Also critical is learning to stay active. Physical exercise is a big part of nearly every successful opiate addiction treatment program. It is up to each client to find the physical activity that best suits his or her health and interests. In treatment, clients can experiment with weight lifting, yoga, or beach walks as they find the right workout for their future.

Creating a Plan for Lifelong Recovery

Even the best possible Costa Mesa CA opiate addiction treatment plan can’t combat the problem in a few weeks or even months. The truth is that true recovery takes time, and clients need to have a plan of action that kicks in when rehab ends.

The right opiate addiction treatment program will help clients create a plan for the future. This plan includes transitional steps back to independent living and building a support network. Clients with a solid and personalized plan are less likely to relapse in the years to come.

The Benefits of a Costa Mesa CA Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

At Clear Life Recovery, clients can look forward to a comprehensive approach to recovery. Plus, they can recover in a beautiful setting. Choosing addiction treatment in Costa Mesa makes it more appealing and more welcoming, encouraging potential clients to take the next step. Treatment for addiction may include:

  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step program opportunities
  • Fitness and nutrition therapies
  • Recreational outings
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

If you’re looking for a Costa Mesa CA opiate addiction treatment center, consider Clear Life Recovery. Call 866-261-7291 to take the next step and begin working toward the sobriety and happiness you truly deserve.