Drug abuse is common among every group of people in the United States, but even more so among the LGBTQ community. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, recovery is possible. Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA, offers a comprehensive LGBTQ addiction treatment program that can help you tackle your problem. The sooner you seek professional treatment, the sooner you can begin rebuilding your life.

The Truth About AddictionWhat is an LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Program?

Despite the belief that many people share, drug addiction is more than a simple choice. It is actually a classified disease that robs individuals of their ability to make clear decisions. Like other conditions, it causes symptoms and side effects that are best treated with professional intervention.

Currently, about 9% of the general U.S. population struggles with substance abuse. However, an estimated 30% of the LGBTQ community abuses drugs or alcohol. It is speculated that addiction rates are higher among this group due to certain challenges that many LGBTQ individuals oftentimes face.

Just a few challenges that LGBTQ members deal with on a nearly daily basis include:

  • Discrimination from others based on sexual preference
  • Possible shame and rejection from close loved ones and/or friends
  • Possible hate crimes, public humiliation, and threats from strangers
  • Difficulty climbing the professional ladder due to discrimination by employers
  • Self loathing and low self-esteem

These obstacles and many more oftentimes lead LGBTQ individuals to find comfort in substance abuse. However, our LGBTQ addiction treatment program offers an escape from feelings like shame, depression, fear, anger, and more. It also provides a welcome escape from a judgmental world.

The effects of substance abuse on the LGBTQ community doesn’t end here. LGBTQ individuals are also at higher risk for co-occurring conditions, like anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Sometimes these disorders lead to the substance abuse, and sometimes the condition exacerbates the substance abuse. Either way, addiction and psychological disorders are closely linked.

Seek Help at Our LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Program

If you’re ready to get clean, Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, offers an unique LGBTQ addiction treatment program. In recent years, our LGBTQ addiction treatment program has helped to change the lives of countless individuals. We would be happy to customize a treatment plan that can target every aspect of your recovery. Rather than simply treat your addiction symptoms, we will focus on addressing each of your physical, social, and emotional imbalances.

We offer a broad scope of addiction treatment programs, including:

At Clear Life Recovery, you won’t have to worry about being comfortable or accepted by your peers and leaders. Instead, you can be free to focus on healing and regaining your sobriety. Our team of compassionate specialists will be by your side throughout each step of the rehabilitation process, from enrollment until completion of a program. By the time you finish rehab at our facility, you will have gained many useful tools for maintaining lifelong results.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

Specifically, don’t wait to enroll in a quality addiction treatment program. If you’re committed to getting sober, Clear Life Recovery can handle each of your specific rehabilitation needs. Therefore, let us help you transition towards a sober and healthy future through our LGBTQ addiction treatment program. We would like to invite you to learn more about our programs by calling us directly at 866-261-7291.