Alcohol addiction involves a pattern of compulsive drinking. Even people who maintain jobs and family lives can have this disease. Whether they binge every month or drink heavily every day, this problem causes significant damage to people’s lives. Getting to an alcohol rehab center in Costa Mesa can help them become sober.

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The Process of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Costa Mesa California

Alcohol addiction treatment varies from person to person because not everyone responds the same to specific treatment methods. Addiction treatment programs must tailor each treatment plan according to each person’s needs.

In general, experts recommend that people start with residential programs. The reason is that this treatment includes 24-hour support and removes people from drug influences. It also prepares them for life after rehab and helps them with the transition back home.

Although the specifics of every Costa Mesa CA alcohol addiction treatment plan is different, the process follows a guideline. Comprehensive care will include detox with medication, mental and physical therapy, and aftercare.

Detox and Medication

Treating alcohol addiction always starts with detox. During this process, the body responds to quitting alcohol use with withdrawal. The symptoms can sometimes manifest in 24 hours or sooner. The effects peak about midway through the week, and then they start to taper.

As people progress through the alcohol detox process, doctors and nurses administer medicines to control symptoms and prevent complications. Some of these are oral, while others could be injections. For example, acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone are pills that reduce cravings and other symptoms. Vivitrol is a long-acting injectable form of naltrexone that people could receive if they enter an outpatient program.

Therapy and Life Skills Training

An alcohol addiction treatment program will introduce people to therapy when they stabilize from withdrawal. Individual, group and family counseling are the most common types of talk therapy that a substance abuse treatment center will use. However, the techniques that therapists use during these sessions depend on the needs of each person.

They often use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) because of its many applications and quick results. It helps people change distorted thought patterns that contribute to negative feelings and behaviors. These negative elements can lead to an alcohol use disorder. By changing thought patterns, clients take on a more positive perception and healthier behaviors.

Life skills training is an essential service in an alcohol addiction treatment program. In most cases, it’s a natural part of therapy. People can learn how to set practical goals, develop and use coping techniques, and solve problems in healthy ways.

Also, clients in treatment learn proper nutrition planning so that they can continue eating healthy outside of treatment. Exercise therapy helps them build strength, reduce stress and stay fit during and after rehab. Having a regular exercise routine is also a distraction from cravings, which can continue beyond treatment.

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Aftercare Services

Following detox and rehab, a Costa Mesa CA alcohol addiction treatment program will help people transition to home life. Moving away from the structure and support of a residential program can overwhelm them. Continuing treatment through an aftercare program provides more freedom while maintaining support.

An alcohol addiction treatment program with a sober living program transitions people from the rehab facility to a center-run home. They live with others who are in recovery and can get jobs, return to school, and see their families. However, they attend scheduled house meetings, have curfews, take drug tests and receive many other supportive services. This approach acclimates them to life without drugs so that they have a higher chance for long-term recovery.

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