Smiling man on beach participating in Clear Life mens addiction treatment program in Orange CountyDealing with an addiction is a very personal thing. For men of almost any age, showing weakness is a difficult task. At Clear Life Recovery, we want all our clients to feel as comfortable and secure as possible. With that in mind, our clinicians designed our mens addiction treatment program in Orange County specifically for men. It’s not to exclude women but to instead provide the optimum environment for men to be open about their situation.

If financial concerns are preventing you or a loved one from getting help because of worries about paying for rehab, here’s some helpful information. Recent legislation requires your healthcare insurance provider to support addiction treatment. In fact, the insurance carrier is supposed to view addiction as it would any other medical condition. Hopefully, that information removes a barrier to you or your loved one getting treatment.

The Importance of Treatment

Addiction is an insidious disease. Without treatment, addicts expose themselves to some grave consequences. That’s the bad news. The good news is our Clear Life Recovery mens addiction treatment program in Orange County can help stop the insanity. This treatment is vital for a man who has responsibilities to himself and others.

The cycle of addiction takes no prisoners. It creates turmoil in all facets of life, including problems involving:

  • Personal finances
  • Psychological conditions
  • Relationship issues
  • Issues at work or school
  • Legal issues

To a man in the 21st century, these kinds of problems stand in the way of progress and happiness.

About Our Mens Addiction Treatment Center

Our mens addiction treatment center specializes in the treatment of addictions to drugs and alcohol. While we do provide some traditional modes of treatment, we also employ modern holistic modalities to treat the “whole” individual better. All of our California addiction treatment programs address the needs of today’s male.

At Clear Life Recovery, we seek to provide an environment where men can be comfortable and focus on treatment. We accomplish this by offering custom treatment programs for each patient. Beyond treatment sessions, we also provide some excellent amenities that make our mens addiction treatment center feel like home. Ultimately, we gear our substance abuse treatment center programs towards helping our patients find recovery and avoid future relapse.

While participating in our mens addiction treatment program in Orange County, you or your loved one will get excellent care. Highly trained counselors and clinicians will be there to guide you through the treatment process. We want our male patients to learn the truth about their addiction to better understand their illness. With that information in hand, we can help them build the coping skills they need to avoid relapses.

Specifics About Our Mens Addiction Treatment Program in Orange County

As we indicated above, our mens addiction treatment program in Orange County offers many treatment options. Among these options or modalities are:

You may ask what sets us apart from other treatment facilities? The answer is in the details. We have designed our mens addiction treatment program in Orange County to promote the whole individual. Along with addiction recovery, we place a lot of emphasis on physical health and an active lifestyle. For most men, these are important considerations because happy, healthy men are better able to deter substance abuse.

Our chef provides nutritious meals and teaches clients about the importance of eating right. We further promote healthy living by providing access to various forms of exercise (martial arts, gym equipment, etc.) Our patients also get an opportunity to visit local beaches and participate in other outdoor activities. The end goal is for our patients to leave clean, healthy and ready to face life on life’s terms. Our treatment package is what sets us apart.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a substance addiction, it’s not too late to get help. If you are ready to get help, our mens addiction treatment program in Orange County is available for you. At Clear Life Recovery, our counselors and clinicians want to make a difference. Pick up the phone now and call 866-261-7291.