Substance Abuse Treatment Costa Mesa, Orange County CaliforniaA lot of people mistakenly believe that they don’t have a substance use disorder if they aren’t addicted. Because of that, they often wait until the disease develops before they even consider getting help. If they go to an Orange County, Costa Mesa substance abuse treatment center beforehand, they could prevent addiction. They can find a facility that meets their needs by looking for critical criteria.

Why Choose A Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Costa Mesa, Orange County CA

California residents seem to have high abuse substances rates. Teens in California, for instance, consistently use illicit drugs more than the national average. Among all ages, alcohol use disorder was more common in the state during 2014 and 2015 than in other areas.

For that reason, California is a hot spot for substance abuse and addiction treatment research. It’s also the premier location for rehab. A local facility can implement the newest treatments faster than those elsewhere in the country. The main reason is simply that it’s closer to the research, so the information reaches them quicker.

An Orange County, Costa Mesa substance abuse treatment center is also likely to boast peaceful views of the beach. Activities on the beach are a standard part of treatment programs as well. This prime location makes the area very attractive for people who want a resort-like experience during addiction treatment programs.

Traits That a Drug Treatment Facility Should Have

Whether or not people choose an Orange County substance abuse treatment center, they should look for specific traits. Even in California, every facility is different. The characteristics that make a center ideal for one person may not meet the needs of another. However, there are several traits that may determine which facility is the most appropriate.

Treats the Correct Substance Use Disorder

One of the most significant differences between rehab centers is the types of substance abuse they treat. People abuse a range of drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and prescription painkillers. Going to a facility that doesn’t have an alcohol or opiate addiction treatment program, may not afford people the correct treatment. The reason is that these drugs cause problems for which the substance abuse treatment center isn’t prepared to address.

Offers a Range of Therapies

Since not everyone responds to therapy in the same way, a substance abuse treatment center must offer several options. The staff should be able to adjust the treatment according to each client’s specific needs.

Evidence-based therapies are especially important, and no treatment plan is complete without them. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a standard technique that therapists use because most people get fast results. It addresses the distorted or negative thoughts a client may have. Cognitive behavioral therapy works toward reducing or eliminating those negative behaviors and emotions. CBT also helps clients develop and practice coping skills to prevent relapse for long-lasting recovery.

Holistic services such as nutrition and exercise therapy are also important at a substance abuse treatment center. These approaches help people develop healthy habits so that their bodies maintain the nutrition and strength necessary to function and heal. Also, family involvement in drug treatment is beneficial so that the family members understand what their loved ones experience. Family therapy even improves the family dynamic, mends relationships and builds a network of support for continued sobriety.

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