As you seek recovery from substance abuse, do you feel depressed? Many people suffer this condition along with their addiction to drugs or dependence on alcohol. But the good news is your dual diagnosis detox and rehab treatment addresses both the substance use disorder and your depression at the same time. Together with addiction recovery, your depression treatment program ensures you have a real chance of lasting recovery.

About Depression with AddictionWhat are the benefits of a Depression Treatment Program?

Deciding to get the detox and rehab treatment you need usually comes on the heels of some bad days, or complete exhaustion of the cycle of substance abuse. Some of this occurs naturally, without depression. But for other people, depression maintains a strong presence in daily life, with personal mood never really lifting to a general sense of well-being.

When sadness or despair lingers, you probably suffer depression. Clinical depression involves long-term low periods you cannot control. You never feel “happy enough.” This condition affects millions of Americans and keeps them from living fulfilling, rich lives. In fact, the CDC reports that about one in 10 people in the United States suffer depression.

Substance Abuse and Depression Treatment Program

Some people start abusing drugs or alcohol in an effort to self-medicate symptoms of their depression. Others start feeling depressed as their substances take control of their lives. Some experience depression as a standalone problem, without addiction.

Also according to the CDC, the most common groups to experience depression as a mental illness include middle aged adults, females, African Americans, Hispanics, people who suffer chronic unemployment and those without medical insurance. Many of these people start using drugs or alcohol and find themselves with two conditions to treat, instead of just one.

Sadly, alcohol is a depressant. So while drinking makes you feel upbeat at first, by the time you develop dependence on alcohol it starts pulling you deeper into depression. The same is true for many drugs which add their own level of lethargy, hopelessness and sadness. One condition feeds the other and together the two only grow worse in a condition called a dual diagnosis disorder.

The only way out of these conditions is through a co-occurring addiction and depression treatment program. You need this dual diagnosis treatment to treat both at the same time. Otherwise, the untreated condition drives the treated one into relapse. To break the cycle, you must focus on both problems.

What to Expect From a Dual Diagnosis Depression Treatment Program

The good news for your recovery is that you can easily find a quality dual diagnosis rehab program. You simply need to know what this treatment means.

A quality dual diagnosis treatment program you gain a mix of therapies, education, support and care for both mental illness and addiction. Luckily, many of the therapies used for one condition actually work for both.

Therapies and treatments you need from your dual diagnosis depression treatment program include:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Southern California

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