Counselor and client talking about Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment programPrescription drug addiction can happen slowly over time. Maybe you initially needed the prescription and later became dependent on it. Or perhaps you decided to use the prescription drug to get high. No matter how, addiction can take over your life and even have fatal outcomes. With the right tools, however, you can beat addiction and continue on with a healthy life. Our Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment program can provide you with those tools and get you on the right path to a sober life.

What is Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription drug addiction can develop when you use prescription drugs in a way that is different from what a doctor prescribes. You take a dose higher than what the doctor orders. You mix the prescription drug with alcohol or other drugs. Or you take the medication for a reason other than the intended one. All of these uses mean there is a higher risk of dangerous consequences.

Stimulants, benzodiazepines, and opioids are the most common prescription drugs abused. Each drug has a different effect. Stimulants are typically used to treat people who have attention deficit disorders. Benzodiazepines are used by people who cannot sleep or suffer anxiety. Opioids are prescribed to relieve pain. When people abuse them, they usually do so to get high or to change the way they feel. But this abuse quickly leads to a dangerous addiction. The result of this addiction can be an overdose or even death. One way to fight addiction is to seek help from a prescription drug addiction treatment program.

Costa Mesa CA Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program Details

Treatment for prescription drug addiction begins with the addict admitting the problem. This is an essential first step in starting the process. Once our clients start the process, our Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment is similar to other addiction treatments. We use therapies and treatments to provide clients with the tools they need to complete the process and achieve continued success. That’s where the similarity ends.

Our addiction treatment programs in California are comprehensive. Clients work on their emotional, physical and spiritual health during the program. They learn to use a variety of tools during their Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment such as:

  • Detox services
  • Residential treatment services
  • Intensive therapy, including group and individual counseling sessions
  • Outpatient care, including a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program
  • Focus on health

Our clients receive counseling in individual and group sessions. During these sessions, clients acquire tools to help them deal with their addiction and succeed later in life. At our substance abuse treatment center, programs also include involvement in outdoor and athletic activities. Clients develop healthy habits during their stay in our prescription drug addiction treatment program. We even have a chef who teaches our clients about healthy food choices and nutrition.

Choose our Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program

One reason to choose our treatment program is our location. Our Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment offers a sunny Southern California location as well as other amenities. Our environment is laid back and relaxed. The setting is perfect for outdoor activities, trips to the beach and exercising. We promote a healthy lifestyle in a compassionate atmosphere. Our counselors understand our clients’ struggles and offer support.

Our clients gain tools that result in long-lasting recovery. They make life-long changes that inspire good life choices, which lead to success after our prescription drug addiction program is complete.

Whether you or a person you love struggles with addiction, decide to fight it and seek real change. Call Clear Life Recovery at 866-261-7291 to begin Costa Mesa CA prescription drug addiction treatment and leave your addiction behind.