Some people have a hard time giving up weed because of increasing social anxiety. Most of them don’t think that they have a problem, and their friends may not think so either. However, it’s possible to experience adverse effects because of marijuana dependence. When that happens, a Costa Mesa marijuana addiction treatment program is the answer.

About Weed and Its Effects

Marijuana, grass, weed, and pot are all names for cannabis leaves, flowers, and extracts. More people in the United States use this illicit drug than any other. However, not all weed is the same.

There are more than 60 cannabinoids, which are psychoactive chemicals, in the drug, but the most abundant is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The more THC people eat or smoke determines how high that they get. The level of THC that’s in marijuana is hard to tell, though, because each strain has a different amount. On average, it can contain 3 to 20 percent.

The high that people experience also depends on how they use weed. Smoking it produces a high within minutes, and the effects are somewhat predictable each time. Eating it in foods produces a high in 30 minutes to two hours. The results could change depending on the food because some take longer to digest than others.

Smoking and eating cannabis-infused foods for a prolonged period might leave people needing a marijuana addiction treatment program. Some develop breathing problems from smoking, and heart issues can arise in either case. Mental disorders and dependence are problems that always require a Costa Mesa marijuana addiction treatment. It’s the only way to get the emotional and psychological care needed to recover.

Costa Mesa Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Those who can quit using weed without a marijuana addiction treatment program may not have used pot long enough to develop serious issues. They likely have a supportive environment at home, too. However, not everyone is that lucky, so they need comprehensive care.

Treatment for weed abuse and dependence is very similar to treatment for other drug addictions. The reason is that people still have to learn how to manage behaviors and develop healthy habits.

In most cases, a marijuana addiction treatment program starts with detox. There aren’t any medications that specifically treat weed dependence. However, getting medical detox provides a supportive atmosphere in which people can safely release the toxins from their systems.

Also, some people experience severe anxiety and panic attacks when they stop using cannabis. The reason is that their brains don’t know how to function correctly without THC. In those cases, medical staff members can give them sedatives to keep them calm. Costa Mesa marijuana addiction treatment can ensure that they don’t hurt themselves, too.

The next step in a Costa Mesa marijuana addiction treatment is therapy. Whether people choose residential or some level of outpatient rehab, they can receive the same counseling services. However, residential rehab ensures that they remain in a safe, drug-free environment throughout the process. It allows them to focus and prevents them from coming into contact with triggers that cause a relapse.

However, recovery doesn’t always end with a marijuana addiction treatment program. Some people need continuous care and support to stay on the path of sobriety. They could use an intensive outpatient program or sober living as a transition after residential treatment. Then, they could find support from 12-step or SMART Recovery programs.

Stop Using Marijuana With Help From Clear Life Recovery

Do you think that you or a loved one has a weed use problem? You can find a Costa Mesa drug addiction treatment program that meets your needs at Clear Life Recovery. We believe in providing treatment that helps people make lifelong changes while achieving lasting recovery. To that end, our team strives to give them everything they need to succeed.

At Clear Life Recovery, we customize each person’s treatment according to their needs. While some people can start with various levels of outpatient care, most people need residential treatment. We offer both so that we can help as many people as possible. Our facility also uses a wide-ranging list of therapy services such as:

Don’t ignore the possibility that you or a loved one has a problem with weed abuse. Ask Clear Life Recovery if a Costa Mesa marijuana addiction treatment is the answer. Call us at 866-261-7291.