Are you fighting to release the grip of drugs and alcohol on your life? Have you tried rehab before but fallen off the wagon? Well, finding an intensive outpatient program could be your solution. Clear Life Recovery is an accredited IOP facility in Costa Mesa, California that promotes addiction-free living. Our qualified therapists offer part-time, ordered outpatient treatment that won’t disturb your life. This Orange County IOP program can be as effective as residential rehab at building the base for enduring sobriety.

Defining an Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient addiction rehab is a recovery program type focused on relapse prevention. In other words, IOP programs emphasize coping skills to stay clean of drugs and alcohol long-term. It usually involves spending two to four hours engaged in therapy three times each week. IOP clients live off-site and travel to the facility on an agreed schedule. At Clear Life Recovery, our Orange County IOP program can be the primary treatment or a transition after inpatient rehab. It’s a good fit for people with less temptation, supportive home lives, and improved mental health.

Advantages of the Orange County IOP Program

An intensive outpatient program provides the best of both worlds. After all, you get frequent contact with skilled clinicians plus independence to rebuild your work or school life. Parents likewise can continue raising their kids without childcare worries. Clear Life Recovery lets you commute from Orange County or beyond to avoid family separations. Therefore, IOP clients won’t feel controlled and restricted as some inpatient residents do. The IOP program can also feel more discreet and private if you’re too embarrassed to admit yourself full-time.

Clear Life Recovery accepts most major insurance plans. Nonetheless, those with high deductibles or no insurance will pay much less for the Orange County IOP program. You can concentrate on voicing your struggles and forming peer relationships. The IOP program will place you in a group of like-minded addicts for skill development. We help make lasting health changes with nutritional guidance and exercise, including jiu-jitsu. IOP clients can even get assistance with job searches. Our Costa Mesa center is ideally located near the beach for a serene, weekly coastal escape.

Comparing the PHP vs. IOP Programs

Choosing from the full range of addiction treatment programs can be hard. Hearing acronyms like PHP and IOP might just sound like alphabet soup. Perhaps that’s why the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics found that only 11.6 percent of the 22.5 million addicts pursued rehab in 2014. Luckily, Clear Life Recovery strives to simplify the choice. Our highly trained staff will carefully evaluate your unique needs and guide you to the right sobriety path. In fact, you might overcome addiction by transitioning from detox to an Orange County PHP program and then IOP.

First of all, PHP stands for partial hospitalization program. This option is one step down from residential rehab to provide some freedom. PHP generally requires eight hours of treatment each day for five days a week like a job. Clients spend full days at an IOP program facility before spending the evening and overnight at home. Though you’re not hospitalized, you receive more structure than with IOP services. Our Orange County IOP program is geared toward aftercare support instead of everyday monitoring.

Start Our Orange County IOP Program Today

Don’t suffer in silence with uncontrollable substance use any longer. Turning to a high-quality substance abuse treatment center can be the remedy to mend your life. Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa is central to many major SoCal cities for an easy commute. Our holistic team has experience treating clients addicted to painkillers, heroin, alcohol, meth, and more. We nurture the mind, body, and spirit with many intensive outpatient program options, such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • SMART recovery
  • Sober transitional living
  • Family systems therapy
  • 12-step counseling
  • Vocational support

Trust Clear Life Recovery to set you up for success in and out of treatment. Our Orange County IOP program is flexible enough to fit healing into the busiest lifestyles. Call 866-261-7291 now to begin planning your route to drug or alcohol abstinence.