Addiction treatment centers across the country help thousands of people overcome addiction every year. However, each facility offers programs and services. Find out why an Orange County residential addiction treatment center could be the best solution for you.

Orange County Residential Addiction Treatment Center

An Overview of Residential Rehab

When people seek addiction treatment, they have the option of residential rehab or some level of outpatient rehab. While outpatient services are useful in many situations, it’s typically best to start with residential treatment. Research shows that this level of care improves the likelihood of ongoing sobriety.

A residential addiction treatment program consists of 24-hour support because people live at the rehab center. It keeps them in a safe, drug-free environment away from drug triggers during the early stages of recovery. On-site medical care is a significant benefit as well. All of these elements allow clients to focus entirely on getting and staying sober.

The length of residential treatment depends on the rehab center’s services and each person’s needs. In general, the program lasts for at least 30 days. Some people need longer to hone coping and life skills to manage addiction, so the program could last longer. On the other hand, the facility might graduate them from residential to outpatient care in a step-down approach.

What to Expect at an Orange County Residential Addiction Treatment Center

A residential addiction treatment program can begin with medical detox. During this stage of care, doctors and nurses help people stay comfortable and safe during withdrawal. When they’re stable, they can easily transition into rehab therapy.

Those in residential rehab attend some form of counseling every day. Their schedule may include one-on-one sessions two or three times a week. The rehab center might arrange group sessions almost every day. It may also sprinkle in some family sessions.

The therapy techniques that an Orange County residential addiction treatment center uses could change between the sessions. However, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is popular since therapists can use it in any session type. It identifies distorted thinking that leads to negative behaviors such as drug abuse. By changing people’s thoughts, they can develop more positive actions and emotions.

A residential addiction treatment program will include education, healthy meals, and some form of exercise, too. Holistic therapies are also common because they treat the whole person, not just the addiction. They may also teach relaxation and stress-relief techniques that people can use after treatment as well.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program with Exercise

Along with these treatments, there’s time for breaks and free time during residential rehab. Family and friends can visit at certain times, too.

Getting Aftercare at a Residential Addiction Treatment Program Facility

Aside from the above services, it’s vital for an Orange County residential addiction treatment center to offer aftercare. Not everyone is ready to manage addiction recovery alone right after residential rehab. While they could have support from family members, life stress may overwhelm them and trigger a relapse.

Aftercare is a form of continued treatment that helps with the transition to prevent drug use. It might include an intensive outpatient program, which allows people to return home but still visit the rehab center for scheduled therapy.

Another aftercare option following a residential addiction treatment program is sober living. This program moves people from the rehab center to a home that is overseen by staff. They live with others who are in recovery, return to school or work, and see their families and friends. Meanwhile, the Orange County residential addiction treatment center provides further therapy and other support services.

Residential Rehab at Clear Life Recovery

Do you have an addiction? Are you ready to get comprehensive treatment? Clear Life Recovery is an Orange County substance abuse treatment center. We can help you overcome alcohol, heroin or prescription opioid addictions.

At Clear Life Recovery, we give you all the tools you need to achieve long-term recovery. Our full continuum of care includes a range of programs and services, including:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • CBT
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • SMART Recovery services
  • Holistic therapy

Don’t let any addictive substance continue to control your life. Get treatment now at our Orange County residential addiction treatment center. Reach out to the expert staff at Clear Life Recovery to learn more. Call 866-261-7291.