Has your drug use spiraled out of control? Does your body keep demanding larger doses to stop withdrawal symptoms? Is your substance of choice hurting your work, school, and home life? If so, you're not alone. The National Institutes of Health reported that 20.6 million Americans live with addiction. But you can defeat your drug dependence at our high-quality rehab, Clear Life Recovery. We offer a wide range of California addiction treatment programs for alcohol, heroin, opiates, meth, to name a few. Our positive, inviting SoCal center gives clients the tools to succeed in long-lasting sobriety.

California Mesa addiction treatment programs will have you smiling in no time

Types of Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment Programs

At Clear Life Recovery, we cover the broad spectrum of drug rehab with four levels of accredited care. First, our Southern California addiction treatment programs begin with medical detox. For several days, doctors will help clients safely clean their systems of the harmful drug toxins. Our staff strives to make withdrawal symptoms as painless as possible. We create a comfortable haven for detox clients to free their body, mind, and spirit from substances. Then, you can enter into our comprehensive levels of care without being physically dependent.

Our residential substance abuse treatment center program involves coming to Costa Mesa to live full-time at the Clear Life Recovery center. There, you'll receive the most significant depth of therapy for 30 to 90 days or longer. Inpatient rehab is best for treating substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our tight-knit community will provide valuable support 24/7, plus remove all distractions and temptations. The structured, residential program limits visitors to shut out potentially harmful influences. We take a holistic approach by providing many services, including:

  •    Cognitive behavioral therapy
  •    Group and family counseling
  •    SMART Recovery training
  • Physical fitness therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Next, our Partial Hospitalization Program starts giving residents independence without cutting off treatment. Here you don't live at Clear Life Recovery. PHP still requires around six hours of therapy five days per week. Our attentive team helps clients stay on track and relearn life skills. Our Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program similarly mixes therapy with newfound freedom. IOP clients spend three hours with Clear Life Recovery for three days weekly. During this time, our clinical specialists will monitor your progress and offer aftercare guidance to prevent relapse.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment Programs in Costa Mesa

Choosing Clear Life Recovery is an excellent move whether you live in California or not. Our Costa Mesa, California addiction treatment programs present the tranquility of the beach. We provide the Pacific Ocean as the calm, relaxing backdrop to your care. Imagine having continual sunshine for fun outdoor activities, including surfing and swimming, throughout your stay. Our luxurious facility has a renowned chef on duty to provide nutritious meals that rejuvenate. We also schedule daily exercise and offer a boxing coach to promote physical health.

Secluding yourself at Clear Life Recovery will trade drug temptations for cutting-edge amenities. Our addiction treatment programs are tucked away from the "real world" to maintain your privacy. But we're still close enough to big California cities to help clients find jobs later. Our counselors will guide you from detox to sober living without judgment or shame. We're devoted to connecting clients to new friends and mentors for enduring relationships. Breaking drug dependence and getting you healthy and back to your daily routine is our goal. Addiction treatment programs link to endless benefits, such as:

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Renewed emotional and spiritual health
  • Better discipline and willpower to resist
  • More coping skills for stress and anger
  • Eased pain from past trauma and hurts

Get Help at Our Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment Programs

Don't stay at rock bottom when Clear Life Recovery can lift you up. Our new, pristine drug rehab on the California coast is ready to help you make lifelong changes. We'll tailor our addiction treatment programs in Costa Mesa to suit your needs perfectly. We accept most medical insurance coverage for paying for rehab shouldn't be a deterrent to getting sober. Let our skilled team prove that sobriety is indeed within your reach. Contact Clear Life Recovery today at 866-261-7291 to begin addressing your substance use.