Have you decided to seek professional help for your addiction? That’s a critical first step. The next and equally important one is to choose a drug rehab in Orange County CA, that will meet your unique recovery needs. At Clear Life Recovery, we’re a luxury drug rehab that offers top-of-the-line addiction treatment programs. We’ll provide you with the care and treatment you need while teaching you the skills you require to stay sober.

Tips for Choosing a Drug Rehab

Drug treatment centers are not built the same. This means that some rehab facilities offer a higher quality of care compared to others. Here’s how you can find the best drug rehabilitation center:


Not checking whether your rehab of choice is licensed can make matters worse. All addiction treatment facilities should be licensed by their state. This ensures that they’ve met the industry standards and have qualified professionals to treat your addiction. And to ensure a higher quality of care, select a rehab center with accreditations from independent bodies.

Ask About the Services Offered

Not all rehabs can treat your type of addiction. As such, confirm if the treatment facility you’re considering is well-equipped to offer the care you need. For instance, if you abuse different kinds of drugs, make sure the rehab you go to can provide the treatment and expetise required to address polydrug use.

Co-Occurring Disorders

A lot of people with drug addictions also have mental health conditions. This is known as a co-occurring disorder. If you’ve been diagnosed with a a drug addiction and mental health disorder at the same time, it’s critical to go to a rehab that specializes in dual diagnosis treatment. Otherwise, addressing your substance use disorder and mental health illness separately will lead to unsuccessful outcomes.


Rehab treatment can be expensive, and this can be a limiting factor for a lot of people. The good news is that drug addiction falls under mental health and is therefore covered by most insurance providers. However, some carriers only work with specific rehabs. So, before enrolling in any rehab program, find out if your health plan caters to the cost of rehab.


Amenities are like icing on the cake. While not a must, they can help as you recover from your substance use disorder. For instance, spacious rooms, yoga studios, gym facilities, and recreational areas can make addiction treatment more comfortable and enhance your experience, motivating you to complete your rehab program. Luxury rehabs even offer gourmet meals, hot tubs, spas, and massage therapy as part of addiction treatment. As such, look for an addiction treatment facility that provides the services you need as long as you’re able to afford it.

Begin Your Recovery Journey from Addiction Today

At Clear Life Recovery, our licensed addiction treatment specialists will work with you to help you learn about the drug addiction process and equip you with the tools required to achieve and maintain sobriety. As a top drug rehab in Orange County CA, we utilize a combination of science-based addiction treatment therapies to increase your chances of a successful and lasting recovery. Contact us to verify insurance and receive treatment: https://clearliferecovery.com/contact/.

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