Finding Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery

alternatives to 12 step recovery

The 12 Steps of recovery are indeed a viable tool for both addiction recovery and maintaining sobriety. Millions of people have turned their lives around in such programs. Of course, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to beat addiction. In fact, the alternatives to 12 Step recovery are numerous. This is important because addiction doesn’t always affect people the same way, making choices necessary.

Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery

Smiling woman on beach knows that alternatives to 12 step recovery work tooAt Clear Life Recovery, we do promote 12 Step recovery. However, we consider our facility to be a non 12 Step rehab center, as well. The fact that we offer 12 Step recovery as one option indicates we feel other alternatives warrant serious consideration. By other options, we mean different types of treatment approaches and methods that provide excellent results. In our facility, the top alternatives to 12 Step recovery include:

Where 12 Step programs typically follow stringent guidelines, our alternative programs offer more flexibility. Through our experiences, we have come to understand custom treatment options are sometimes more effective than 12 Step meetings alone.

Other Benefits of Non 12 Step Treatment

Aside from flexibility, non 12 Step programs do offer additional benefits. Perhaps the most important advantage is the way counselors can customize programs to address a patient’s individual struggles. Everyone comes in with different issues and sets of circumstances. The one-size-fits-all approach can’t possibly reach into the tiny corners of a complex addiction issue. It is something that’s possible with some other alternatives.

Another benefit is having access to the latest research in addiction treatment. 12 Step programs rely heavily on tradition. For some people, it might seem a little stale. The flexibility of incorporating new treatment techniques means the patients are always benefiting from new ideas.

Elite Addiction Services at Clear Life Recovery

As an elite full-service addiction treatment center, Clear Life Recovery wants to address the whole patient. With this in mind, we choose to offer some extraordinary amenities, which only serve to enhance our Southern California addiction treatment programs. Our services and facilities include:

  • Fitness therapy–Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, gym workouts
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Outdoor activities like going to the beach
  • Job search assistance
  • Group activities to build support groups

If you are looking for alternatives to 12 Step recovery, Clear Life Recovery is an excellent place to start. Working with our counselors, you will get the opportunity to experience Costa Mesa addiction treatment programs that really work. The first step in the recovery process is asking for help. You can do that right now by picking up the phone and calling our Costa Mesa, CA facility at the following number–866-261-7291.