How to Do a Drug Intervention

How to Do a Drug Intervention in California.

You have a loved one who needs help for drug and alcohol addiction. All you want is to see him get clean and healthy. You’ve decided to hold an intervention, but you’re not sure how it all works. Knowing how to do a drug intervention correctly can make a positive difference in someone’s life. It could be the motivation he needs to enter rehab.

Specifically How to Do a Drug InterventionHow to Do a Drug Intervention in California.

While there’s no one right way to hold a drug intervention, there are steps you can take to make it as productive and effective as possible.

Wondering how to do a drug intervention? Make sure you do the following:

  • Have a plan in place, with a day and time arranged in advance
  • Only include people who will provide positive input
  • Talk to the user when he’s sober and not when he’s using
  • Focus on telling the user how his addiction makes you feel
  • Have an addiction specialist act as mediator if possible

Ideally, when the intervention ends, your loved one will agree to enter rehab. This doesn’t always happen, so don’t be too disappointed if it takes him some time to realize that getting clean is the best thing he can do.

What Not to Do in an Intervention

Just as there are steps that can make an intervention run more smoothly, there are some things that can make the process run off the rails. A person can feel like he’s under attack when a roomful of people tell him they want him to change. This is why each person should calmly take a turn addressing the user.

Don’t let your emotions get out of control, even if your loved one becomes angry and defensive.

Don’t give in if your loved one promises to stop using if you’ll just give him more time. While you can’t force him into rehab, you can let him know that continued use isn’t acceptable.

Don’t go off-script. Everyone involved in an intervention should always have a plan and prepared statement. Rehearse beforehand so that you’re more likely to stick to your statements as closely as possible.

How to Do a Drug Intervention for Lifetime Recovery

At Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, you can start your journey toward lifelong sobriety. With help from drug and alcohol intervention specialists in California, you or a loved one can begin making positive, lasting changes. We provide counseling to explore deep-seated issues as well as a range of enjoyable activities and nutrition therapy.

Our services include:

Understanding how to do a drug intervention is a great way to help someone in need. Reach out to the friendly team at Clear Life Recovery if you or a loved one is battling addiction. We’re ready to help you win the fight, so call today at 866-261-7291.

About Benjamin Hogan

Over the years, Benjamin has held positions in many different areas of alcohol and drug addiction services all over the country. He made a name for himself as an interventionist and has held certification as a Certified National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist (CNDAI-II). Benjamin specializes in helping support families of people struggling with addiction by focusing on education and instilling healthy boundaries to ensure lasting changes. Addiction is a progressive disease, but using an evidence-based approach, an intervention, when done correctly, can help to increase the willingness of a loved one to seek sobriety faster. "In my experience, by helping families make necessary changes, they not only get their lives back, but they also help change the mind of their loved one more quickly. In an intervention, family and other loved ones take a proactive approach, instead of waiting and being stuck between fear and (false) hope. I realized in my own recovery, that when my family changed, I had to change in response. That is where I found sobriety. This is why I believe in what I do!"