Rehab Programs for Young Adults

Rehab Programs for Young Adults in California.

Adolescents and teens may face particular challenges when it comes to the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Finding adequate rehab programs for young adults is an essential part of recovering from these life-altering issues. The material below will discuss the signs of addiction, reliable treatment options, and tips for obtaining the support you need.

The Special Needs of Young Adults

Rehab programs for young adults understand that adolescents may present with unique circumstances and needs. Teens and adolescents are often dealing with excessive pressure to excel in school and at home. Many young adults also hold down jobs that compete with their other responsibilities.

Adolescents are still developing both mentally and physically. Therefore, they may have larger hurdles to overcome during the treatment process. Rehabs that have experience in dealing with this age group can provide insights and treatment tools that make recovery so much easier.

Signs of Substance Abuse in Young AdultsRehab Programs for Young Adults in California.

Rehab programs for young adults will be the first to acknowledge the importance of learning the signs of addiction. The following list highlights a few common clues to watch for:

Personality Changes

Changes in personality and mood can be a red flag for substance abuse issues. In fact, alternating between periods of extreme depression, happiness, anxiety, or aggression is common.

Reclusive Behaviors

Many teens that are dealing with an addiction will become reclusive. They may do this in an attempt to prevent their loved ones from worrying about them. Alternatively, they may also be dealing with depression and anxiety.

Physical Changes

Weight loss, an unkempt appearance, and marks on the skin can be indicators of substance abuse. Poor hygiene is also a common occurrence among those struggling with an addiction.

Treatment Options in Rehab Programs for Young Adults

A skilled young adult rehab center may use a variety of effective treatment options tailored to each person’s needs. Consider the following list of common treatments:


Personal counseling can offer a safe environment for the exploration of underlying problems that may have led to substance abuse. Group therapy sessions also provide a sense of companionship and understanding during this difficult time.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Specifically, behavioral therapies are used to change negative thoughts that lead to problematic behaviors. Overturning ineffective thought patterns can produce massive changes in rehab programs for young adults.

Family Therapies

Family addiction therapy is important for addressing the damage that family relationships have undergone. All family members will have opportunities to talk about the ways addiction has influenced their lives.

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