Substance Abuse Treatment Center Costa Mesa Recognizes the Common Myths Surrounding Addiction

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Costa Mesa Recognizes the Common Myths Surrounding Addiction

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Costa Mesa Recognizes the Common Myths Surrounding Addiction

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health1 (NSDUH) reported that over 19 million Americans struggle with a substance use disorder. This wide-ranging epidemic spans across all cities and states in the U.S. For example, residents in Costa Mesa, a suburban town in California’s Orange County, have seen the use of illicit drugs continue to increase each year with 1,953 drug abuse violations reports in 20182. With this epidemic continuing to increase addiction, Substance Abuse Treatment Center Costa Mesa will play a central role in helping those who strive to overcome their addictions.

One of the initial steps in combating the drug addiction epidemic is to address the common myths associated with substance abuse and addiction. The following are five common myths regarding drug/alcohol addiction:

Myth 1: Only those with “addictive personalities” are at-risk for drug/alcohol addiction.

Despite the long-held belief that only those with addictive personalities are at-risk for addictions, that simply is not the case. Michael Weaver, a medical doctor of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addiction3, noted: “personalities are very complex and there are several factors that can combine to make you more likely to become addicted”. Although there is evidence that there can be a genetic component to addiction, genetics should not be the only thing determining addictive behaviors any more or less than environmental or social factors.

Myth 2: All those who have drug/alcohol addictions are dangerous and partake in criminal behavior.

This myth is dangerous and often leads to the isolation and criminalization of those struggling with substance abuse. Research has indicated that drug users are more likely to commit crimes than nonusers. However, that is not always the case. In more cases4, those who were not involved in crime at the time they became dependent, and who have enough money to pay for their drug habits, do not resort to dangerous or criminal activities.

Myth 3: Addiction is a disease that can be “cured”.

Although one can never be fully cured of addiction, the disease can be managed successfully with adequate treatment and support. Treatment programs, which use behavioral therapies, and medically assisted detoxification, are essential to long-term care and relapse prevention3. Those who utilize long-term treatment programs are likely to still be able to live full and productive lives.

Myth 4: Those who have drug/alcohol addictions could easily quit their substance abuse if they tried hard enough.

Overcoming a drug addiction is no easy feat. It is even more difficult if an individual has to face that obstacle on their own. Many of those struggling with addictions dream of sobriety and recovery. However, the disease is complex with both physical and psychological components. Clear Life Recovery, a substance abuse treatment center in Costa Mesa can assist in providing many resources in order to make the road to recovery an easier one. These resources include behavioral counseling, evaluation for co-occurring mental health issues, long-term follow-up, and medical devices to treat withdrawal symptoms.

Myth 5: Addictions only impact those who are homeless or from a lower socioeconomic status.

Through news coverage and media entertainment, society depicts substance abuse as a disease that only impacts those individuals who are homeless and/or live in poverty. The truth remains that addiction does not discriminate. Substance use and abuse impact those from all walks of life5 regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, employment, or economic status.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Costa Mesa Can Help

One key element of treatment and rehabilitation includes identifying systems of support to guide individuals in their journey to recovery. Providing a change of environment not associated with drug/alcohol use may facilitate the reversal of addiction.

Fortunately, Clear Life Recovery is a treatment facility for individuals battling addiction. Call our trusted staff today if you are ready to start your journey to recovery. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will work alongside you to ensure your continued progress. Contact us today.