5 Signs You Have a Marijuana Addiction

5 Signs You Have a Marijuana Addiction
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The excess use of marijuana is not always seen as an addiction. But it can be a genuine concern for people who use cannabis or THC products regularly. Although it may not lead to overdose-related deaths, it can impact your health and quality of life. So, it is essential to understand the signs of marijuana addiction.

How Many People Experience a Marijuana Addiction?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 10% of individuals that use cannabis may develop a marijuana addiction. Additionally, the CDC states that 3 out of 10 people who use marijuana have a marijuana use disorder.1

Marijuana addiction occurs when an individual experiences physiological or psychological dependence. However, individuals suffering from this addiction may be unable to stop their substance usage. Also, they may experience adverse physical effects if they attempt to do so.

Below, we examine the five signs of marijuana addiction. We outline what they are and how you can restore your life from addiction.

5 Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Some of the most common signs of marijuana addiction include the following:

1. Strong Urge to Use Marijuana

Individuals suffering from this addiction often experience an insatiable urge to use the substance. In addition, they may focus on obtaining and using marijuana, even to the detriment of their responsibilities.

An urge to use cannabis products is one of the most concerning signs of addiction. In addition, individuals suffering from this symptom are prone to disregard other responsibilities. Also, they may put themselves in financially compromising situations.

If you frequently think about using cannabis, you may be suffering from marijuana addiction.

2. Lack of Interest in Hobbies or Work

Individuals suffering from cannabis addiction often lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Examples include personal hobbies, work, or spending time with loved ones.

It can cause individuals to experience a decrease in motivation. Also, it is common to see a withdrawal from social circles; essential goals take a back seat, and engagement in other activities is ignored. However, a decrease in motivation can hinder the person’s quality of life.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then you may be experiencing marijuana addiction.

3. Your Tolerance Has Increased

One of the telltale signs of cannabis addiction is increased substance tolerance. Yet, if a significant quantity of marijuana is needed to achieve a “high,” your body has likely become dependent on a higher amount of the drug.

Dependence alone does not mean that you have developed an addiction. However, it is a strong indicator. When the habit is associated with other signs of marijuana addiction, it is time to seek help.

4. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms might occur if someone is dependent on marijuana and attempts to quit.

Examples of common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Chills
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

These symptoms may last for a few days (or more than a week). Also, you should seek professional treatment when starting your recovery journey.

5. Personal Relationships Are Not a Priority

When suffering from addiction, you may find it challenging to focus on your relationships. This might include relationships with a spouse, family members, children, or friends. If those closest to you disapprove of your current behavior, you may feel alienated from them.

Over time, you may feel that maintaining these relationships is not worth your effort. However, it is essential to try and reconnect with these individuals. These relationships will serve as a strong support network and help you with your crucial goal of continued sobriety.

How to Reclaim Your Life from Marijuana Addiction

Are you ready to reclaim your life from marijuana addiction? If so, then a professionally managed detoxification and recovery program is an excellent way to begin your road to recovery.

During detox, you need to give your body time to get rid of exposure to very harmful toxins. After detox, you can engage in therapy sessions, counseling services, and other intervention methods. This will lay the foundation for lasting recovery.

To learn more about marijuana addiction treatment services, contact Clear Life Recovery. We will provide you with a tailored treatment strategy to meet your unique needs.



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