Costa Mesa Rehab Explains Addiction is NOT Always a Death Sentence

Costa Mesa Rehab Explains Addiction is NOT Always a Death Sentence

Do you believe – truly believe – that you can have a fulfilling life after addiction? That someday the struggle will feel so far in the distant past that it won’t drag your life down anymore? At Clear Life Recovery’s Costa Mesa rehab facility, we understand that sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel can be hard to see. But we want to assure you, with proper treatment and support, you can put your addiction permanently in the rearview mirror.

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Putting Recovery into Context

The National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions discovered that 96% of people with a prescription drug use disorder successfully recovered at some point during their lifetimes [1].

That’s almost everyone.

The Studies’ Findings

Though these figures counted recoveries over entire lifetimes, the number of relatively quick recoveries was also surprising. Researchers found that half of the prescription drug use disorder patients achieved remission within four or five years of the onset of their addictions [1].

It’s important to note that the above study covered the cumulative recoveries of people who used sedatives, tranquilizers, opioids, or stimulants. Recovery rates for opioid use, in particular, can be tough to isolate. Primarily, this is because recovery from opioids may involve one or more rounds of relapses, followed by further treatment [2].

One study found, for example, that although only 7% of patients abusing prescription opioids achieved total abstinence after four weeks of medication treatment with eight weeks of followup, subsequent “extended” medication treatments of sixteen weeks with eight weeks of followup helped 49% of participants recover successfully [3].

Of those in the subsequent treatment study, 61.1% were still abstaining from opioid use after 42 months. Roughly half of those patients had also managed to quit their opioid agonist treatment drugs and live their lives without needing medication for their addictions [3].

A separate study found that 62% of participants who attended a comprehensive recovery clinic showed a “negative” result on a urine test by the time they were due to fill their second round of treatment medication. This is in contrast with 56% of those who attended a clinic that only offered therapy and 34% who went to a clinic that only offered medication management [4]. The results indicate that success is possible through any of these means, but especially so with a recovery-focused combination of treatments.

Take heart from the study’s conclusion: For patients attending a recovery clinic, “the likelihood of have [sic] an opioid-negative toxicology screen increases over time, suggesting increased benefit only for those who remain engaged. [4]

Getting Sober IS Possible

Often, recovery takes time and multiple rounds of treatment. But, remember that a happy life after opioid abuse does exist for many people. You, too, can achieve that goal by reaching out to our Costa Mesa rehab facility. Begin your journey right away.

How can Treatment in our Costa Mesa Rehab Help You Find Life After Addiction?

Modern treatments aim to prevent relapses before they happen [5].

A scientifically-backed combination of mental, physical, and spiritual recovery helps you heal from the inside out. While ongoing intensive support means you’re never going through it alone. Our treatment center in Southern California can take you through all stages of recovery. From detox to inpatient or outpatient treatment, and through your transition back to everyday life, we have the resources to help.

Sure, you can recover on your own. Many people do and go on to live healthy and prosperous lives. But why not stack the odds in your favor and accept the help that could make all the difference?

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