Erasing the Stigma of Therapy With Addiction Treatment Costa Mesa

Erasing the Stigma of Therapy With Addiction Treatment Costa Mesa

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction and recovery? You may be experiencing setbacks because you haven’t confronted the root cause of your addiction or mental health condition. As the leading addiction treatment Costa Mesa, Clear Life Recovery understands that fully opening up to a therapist is not easy. That’s why we are dedicated to erasing the stigma of therapy for patients by providing supportive, judgment-free counseling.

How does the stigma of therapy affect individuals who need addiction treatment?

You go to a doctor when you break a bone or spike a high fever. There is no shame in seeking treatment regarding your physical health. Why, then, is treating mental health issues sometimes frowned upon?

Many people express anger or get embarrassed and defensive when someone recommends they talk to a therapist. When asked for a reason, they tend to say things like, “I don’t need therapy; I’m not crazy,” or “I’m not weak; I can deal with my problems.”

This feeling that therapy is for the “weak” and “crazy” is an unfortunate, unfair, and unfounded stigma. It keeps people who need help from seeking mental health treatment[1].

People who suffer from addiction tend to avoid therapy out of fear of judgment of their past trauma or their choice of coping mechanisms. Admitting to another person that you use drugs or alcohol to numb the pain from circumstances in your life is no easy feat.

As a result of this fear, embarrassment, and preconceived notion, people choose never to take those scary steps forward. Although, if people sought mental health treatment, they could live better lives free of addiction and mental illness.

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Why is therapy so important during addiction treatment?

It may seem like addiction treatment and therapy are solutions to two very different problems. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Therapy is vital to the process of addiction recovery for all of the following reasons[2]:

  • Many people develop addictions when they use substances like alcohol and drugs as medications to help deal with past trauma.
  • Others may already suffer from depression, anxiety, or other conditions and turn to substance use (and eventually, overuse) as a way to combat those negative feelings.
  • Compared with the general population, people who have mood disorders such as depression are more than twice as likely to also suffer from addiction.
  • Substance abuse in and of itself is classified as a mental health condition.
  • Roughly 50% of people with a substance addiction will experience mental illness, and approximately 50% will experience a substance addiction in their lives. [3]

Treating addiction with a simple detox procedure only addresses part of the problem. After the drug has cleared your system, the feelings, emotions, and memories of trauma that make drug use appealing will still be left behind. But therapy can help you heal those wounds and put your pain in the past.

Don’t be scared of the stigma. You can receive stigma-free counseling during your addiction treatment Costa Mesa.

How is Clear Life Recovery’s addiction treatment Costa Mesa eliminating the stigma?

All of our licensed therapists have experience working with patients in the context of addiction recovery. Together with your therapist, you can detect and work through any underlying conditions or life events that may be continuing the cycle of addiction. On the other side of that coin, your therapist will help you navigate the feelings and situations surrounding your substance use and recovery. You will work toward a holistic recovery plan that promotes your wellness and well-being on every level.

If you attend group therapy sessions, rest assured that other patients will be walking the same path toward recovery from substance abuse that you are. By sharing experiences in a supportive and open environment, you can help each other untangle the intricate webs that try to pull you back toward addiction.

Additionally, Clear Life Recovery works with family members to help them understand why all the steps toward recovery are essential. By fighting knee-jerk reactions with straightforward information and a supportive atmosphere, we can help you keep the stigma out of your home life.

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