Scared to Go to Rehab? Here’s the Truth from One of the Top Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Scared to Go to Rehab? Here’s the Truth from One of the Top Orange County Drug Rehab Centers
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You may feel scared to consider getting help from Orange County drug rehab centers and hesitant to take that first step. Drug and alcohol addiction has devastating side effects and ramifications for your professional, family, and social life. 

The reality of rehab isn’t as scary as it seems. Rehab centers exist to help and heal. You may be worried that it will be uncomfortable or restrictive, but that’s not the case.

Common Fears with Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Fear of Sobriety

The human mind and body are remarkably adaptable. With sustained substance abuse, the body and mind become reliant on drugs or alcohol, sometimes with potentially severe side effects if you stop suddenly.

With proper medical care, detox can safely minimize the effects of drugs and alcohol withdrawal to keep you more comfortable. It’s monitored closely by a medical team to ensure your vitals are always strong and to minimize the discomfort associated with common withdrawal side effects.

Common Reasons People are Scared to go to Rehab - Fear of Sobriety & Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Another common fear is the fear of failure. You can’t fail if you don’t try, and people who fear rehab won’t work often avoid going to rehab. It’s important to remember that rehab isn’t a cure for substance use disorder that only works for some people. Instead, it’s a place to consider your addiction and learn strategies to cope with it.

If you do try rehab and relapse, that’s not a failure of yourself or the program. Recovery is rarely a linear process – you may have setbacks or relapses. Often, that’s part of the process for many. It’s a stumble along the path to sobriety, not a failure. The only way you fail is by not trying at all.

Fear of Success

Conversely, some people fear rehab because they’re afraid it will work. They may feel that addiction has caused them so many problems or urged them to do bad things and they don’t deserve to feel better and be happy.

This is self-sabotage, but the therapists and counselors in rehab facilities are trained to identify self-sabotaging behaviors and help you learn to move past them. You can accept that you deserve to be sober and happy.

Common Reasons People are Scared to go to Rehab - Fear of Success & Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is familiar to a lot of people. You may feel the fear of rejection in group therapy in a rehab center or that you won’t be accepted into the program. But the reality is that many people in the group went through similar struggles and feel many of these same fears.

You may also fear the rejection you may encounter after you leave rehab, either from your family or your old friends. Going to rehab shows that you’re committing to change and bettering yourself, however, and may be the best thing to repair your relationships.

Fear of Losing Your Identity

As substance abuse gets more severe, it can take control of your life and impacts everything in it. You may have friends who also use alcohol and drugs and build their identity around substance use, so if you move forward, you won’t have that in common.

Drugs and alcohol aren’t who you are, however. Your addiction isn’t who you are. Reframing these negative aspects of yourself that lead to addiction is key in rehab and will help you move forward happier and healthier.

Common Reasons People are Scared to go to Rehab - Fear of Losing Your Identity & Fear of Misery

Fear of Misery

The fear that you may be miserable after becoming sober is also common. Drug and alcohol abuse often starts as a coping mechanism for negative situations or emotions – perhaps with a mental health condition – and they make you feel better.

This isn’t a healthy way to cope with pain, stress, or emotional turmoil. In rehab, you will learn coping strategies to deal with negative emotions and common addiction triggers, helping you lead a happy and healthy life.

Fear of the Unknown

Change and growth are uncomfortable, so we tend to stay in ruts. This common fear is easy to overcome, but when it comes to rehab, all the uncertainty can be debilitating and enough to keep you from taking that first step.

No matter the rehab facility, you are safe and surrounded by people committed to your health, safety, and well-being. During your admissions process, you can ask questions and discuss what you’ll experience during rehab.

Common Reasons People are Scared to go to Rehab - Fear of the Unknown

What Is an Orange Country Drug Rehab Center Like?

Many of the common fears in rehab are based on not knowing – not knowing what withdrawal will be like, if you’ll like the feeling of being sober if you’ll make friends and fit in, if you’ll have a life to go back to when you’re done, and so on.

Rehab isn’t an isolated hospital environment where you’ll have no control. It’s a safe and therapeutic environment with a community of like-minded individuals, all on a similar path to recovery. Many rehab facilities include some fun activities along with the work, such as social events, fitness, outdoor therapy, and more.

Most rehab programs involve a lot of therapy and counseling to identify unhealthy habits and learn new life skills. Depending on the program’s specifics, you may engage in group therapy, individual therapy, and other types of therapy to address past trauma or triggers.

Repetition is how we learn. These ongoing counseling and therapy programs help you develop new coping mechanisms to react to stress or difficulty in your life and learn how to move forward without drugs and alcohol. The result is improved mental health, physical health, relationships, and a new way of being.

Take the First Step with Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Change is always scary, but the important part is that you have help and support to get from where you are to where you want to be. Clear Life Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Costa Mesa. We are a full-service addiction rehabilitation center to help you reach lifelong recovery. Contact us today to learn more!