Substance Abuse Treatment Orange County for Men

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Orange County for Men

In the ongoing addiction crisis, men are statistically more likely to use substances and have a substance abuse disorder than women. Many factors contribute to this dynamic. As we examine these addiction risk factors further, we’ll also consider how a man may benefit from a male-only substance abuse treatment in Orange County.

Why are Men More Vulnerable to Having a Substance Use Problem?

When we look at the facts and figures, it’s clear that men are more susceptible to drug use and abuse. Consider:

  • 22% of males used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs within the last year, compared to 17% of females.1
  • Men are also twice as likely to be dependent on a substance compared to women.2
  • Men are more likely to start taking an illicit drug at a younger age.2
  • Men are more likely to drink excessively.2

Why is this the case? There are a few possible explanations.

Trauma makes men and women both vulnerable to developing a substance abuse disorder. Still, men tend to have more trauma, such as abuse and neglect, when they are children. As they grow older, these traumatic memories can develop into a substance abuse disorder.2 Post-traumatic stress can also play a role in developing a substance abuse disorder.

Men may also be more vulnerable to a substance abuse disorder because they often have a more tolerant attitude towards drugs or alcohol than women. They may not see it as much of a problem as women do. It’s also common for men to act out to express their emotions, leading to drug or alcohol use.

While women tend to have more friends to talk to about their problems, the same is not always true for men. Isolation can lead some men to look to substances for comfort rather than talking about and getting help for their problems.

Whatever the case may be, men need substance abuse treatment programs just as much as women. In fact, some men may benefit more from programs that solely include men.

How Can a Male-Specific Program Be Helpful for Some Men?

When men look for substance abuse treatment programs, they may not realize that a male-only program is available. While some men do well in a co-ed setting, others have better results in a gender-exclusive environment. Here are a few reasons why that can be the case.

Easier to Talk about Their Problems

Some men may feel they can talk about their problems more easily in the exclusive company of other men. They may feel that other men can relate better to their struggles and substance use disorder. At some level, it’s simply easier to open up when a person is in a group of similar peers. 

Not Distracted or Intimidated by Women

Even though men enter a program for treatment, they may get distracted or possibly intimidated by women in the program. This may be more about the man’s inner experience and past relationships with women than anything a woman in the program does. 

Either way, a man dealing with his insecurities or desires won’t be focusing entirely on treating his substance use disorder. It’s critical for someone in treatment to focus only on their reason for being there and not become distracted by anyone or anything around them.

By removing distractions, including complications with the opposite sex, a male-only treatment program limits the focus to treatment and learning to live sober. However, this won’t be the case for gay or bisexual men.

Feel Like They Can Bond with Other Men

Many men form stronger bonds with one another due to a male-only group’s solidarity and safe space. They can form a brotherhood through their shared experience. This sense of community support from the other men can help a man persevere through his challenges.

About Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County for Men

At Clear Life Recovery, we understand that some men do better in a male-specific substance abuse program. That’s why we developed our Men’s Addiction Treatment Program in Orange County, which specializes in treating drug and alcohol addictions.

Our program emphasizes working through issues that often come up for men, such as avoidance of “showing weakness” or being vulnerable. The program utilizes group and individual therapy sessions to work through the deeper issues contributing to a man’s substance use disorder.  

We also offer holistic methods to treat the mind and the body and encourage physical health and activity to aid in the recovery process. Finally, our program helps the man build skills and tools to prevent relapse once he returns to the outside world.

If you or a man in your life needs help recovering from a substance abuse addiction, please contact Clear Life Recovery today.