7 Clear Warning Signs of Alcoholism

warnings signs of alcoholism

Just because someone has a few drinks every now and again, it doesn’t mean they have a drinking problem. With that said, alcoholism remains a significant problem throughout the US. For the benefit of ourselves and the people around us, we all need to know how to recognize the warning signs of alcoholism. A lot of alcoholics will try to hide their illness. Anytime we can see the truth, we might be able to help someone get help.

The Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Dinking by yourself with bottle in hand may be one of the warning signs of alcoholismFor many of us, recognizing alcoholism poses a unique problem. Remember, drinking is not only legal, but it’s also socially acceptable if done responsibly. Unfortunately, people with personal issues and mental disorders find comfort from drinking until intoxication. There are quite a few warning signs of alcoholism we can use to determine when someone is in trouble, even ourselves. We focus on the seven warning signs we believe are most significant:

  • Drinking as a way of coping with stress or problems
  • Drinking alone on a regular basis
  • Lying about the amount and frequency of drinking
  • Having difficulty with important relationships and with work or school
  • Neglecting personal responsibilities
  • Numerous aborted attempts at quitting
  • Drinking to the point of a blackout on a regular basis

Any combination of these signs could mean serious trouble lurks.

Getting Treatment for the Warning Signs of Alcoholism

It’s not easy for someone with a drinking problem to suddenly stop. In fact, most people continuously fail attempts to quit drinking on their own. For that very reason, the only reliable option is treatment from a mens alcohol rehab center like Clear Life Recovery. For anyone who has never been through treatment, the process usually includes a detox program and intensive therapy. At the end of the day, the recovering alcoholic needs to walk out of treatment with sobriety and the coping skills to protect it.

A Premier Rehab Facility

Clear Life Recovery is proud to lay claim to being a top Costa Mesa CA alcohol addiction treatment center. We use a unique approach to treatment, which includes combing traditional treatment methods with holistic treatment options. To help you better understand what we do, here’s a partial list of our treatment options:

Do you display the warning signs of alcoholism? Do you really want to live your life as an alcoholic? Deep down inside, you have to know life has more to offer than a drunken stupor. If you will accept you have a problem and need help, Clear Life Recovery is ready to provide that help. One simple phone call is all it takes to regain your life from alcoholism. When you’re ready, place that call to us at 866-261-7291.