Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County Guide: What to Do When Someone Offers You Alcohol or Drugs in Addiction Recovery

Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County Guide: What to Do When Someone Offers You Alcohol or Drugs in Addiction Recovery
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Maintaining sobriety long-term is possible, but it takes consistent effort and honesty. Sometimes that honesty is in the form of dealing with others who offer you alcohol or drugs. New people in your life may not realize you have a substance use disorder. Other people may assume rehab is a “cure” that makes it possible to use substances without triggering old behaviors. Whatever the motivation, if you’re currently receiving substance abuse treatment in Orange County, you should be prepared for the possibility that acquaintances, friends, and even family members may offer you drugs or alcohol while you’re in recovery.

What to Do If You’re Offered Drugs in Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Drug overdose deaths continue to rise. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics  (NCDA) reports that there have been over 700,000 overdose deaths since the year 2000 and that approximately 25% of those who use illegal drugs have a substance use disorder.1 The NCDA also estimates that 28.320 million Americans are living with an alcohol use disorder.

Coping with the availability of drugs and alcohol in everyday life is already difficult enough for those with substance use disorders. Being offered illicit drugs while in substance abuse treatment in Orange County is even worse.

Due to the thorough screening and security measures in a qualified rehab facility, residents are unlikely to be exposed to illicit substances. However, when dealing with addiction issues, anything is possible. If you are approached by someone offering drugs or alcohol in rehab, let a wellness team member know immediately.

Preparation Makes You Stronger

While in substance abuse treatment in Orange County, you will gain many new tools for avoiding triggers and preventing relapse. The more prepared you are for the likelihood of temptation, the better you will be able to resist it and stay on the recovery path. The best way to prepare is to assume you will be offered addictive substances at some point. Whether it’s at a picnic with coworkers or a party with friends, it is nearly impossible to live life without being exposed to drugs or alcohol.

The following suggestions will help you be better prepared if you are offered substances that threaten your sobriety.

1. Be Honest

Let the people in your life know you are in recovery. Tell them what your personal boundaries are. If they cannot bring alcohol to your house, or if you will not attend functions where drugs are present, say so. Evading questions about drug or alcohol use can prompt others to try even harder to persuade you to join them.

2. Practice Your Responses

A simple “no” should be enough to deter people who want you to drink or use drugs. But it isn’t always the case. Practicing a few different responses will help you stay firm in the moment. Repeat the following statements (or create a few of your own) several times, especially if you are going to an event where substances might be available:

  • “I’m in recovery and don’t use that anymore.”
  • “No — I could lose my housing/job/child custody if I use that.”
  • “No, stuff like this is bad for my health.”
  • “I am sober and want to stay that way — please stop asking me.”

Having these or your own responses ready to go when needed will help you convey that you are firm in your decision to stay sober.

3. Take a Sober Buddy

Another way to be prepared is to take an experienced sober friend with you to any event where you may be offered drugs or alcohol. Having another person by your side who understands the importance of recovery and can help you stay accountable is a smart approach.

Be of Service

One important value you will focus on while receiving substance abuse treatment in Orange County is the importance of service. Giving back to your community, your family, and sober organizations help you fill downtime with meaningful work. If you are attending an event, volunteer to help. It will give you an excuse to walk away from anyone who is using or offering substances, and it will help you feel good about your choice to stay sober.

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