Benefits Of Holistic California Treatment Center

Benefits Of Holistic California Treatment Center

With substance abuse rates in California rising, it’s more important than ever for a holistic California treatment center to get the word out about how holistic therapies can help.[1] Holistic therapies can heal the body, mind, and soul. Clear Life Recovery offers an integrated approach to helping you break the chains of substance abuse, with many benefits of holistic treatments.

What Is Holistic Rehabilitation?

In general, holistic therapies focus on more than just the physical or medical aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Holistic therapies treat not only your physical cravings but also your emotional and mental well-being.

Holistic therapies teach about mindfulness and managing stress through meditation, nutrition counseling, exercise regimens for healthy living, and more. You’ll find acupuncture, yoga, jujitsu, and even beach outings in many holistic rehabilitation programs. These help to treat not only cravings of addiction but triggers too.

The best part of holistic therapies is that they target lifestyle behaviors. This sets you up for a successful and healthy living that lasts a lifetime. When you have tools to change how you think about your life and your coping strategies, you’ll have tools to change the behaviors that fueled your addiction.

Holistic therapies can help you deal with stress that triggers cravings. These therapies offer options for better sleeping and clearer thinking and even better relapse rates.[2]

What Is The Difference Between Holistic Therapy And Traditional Rehab?

The most significant difference between traditional rehab and holistic therapy is that traditional treatment options tend to focus solely on the body. Traditional treatment programs are typically backed by evidence-based care protocols that address the disease of addiction. They often include detox, 12-step programs and may often include a pharmacological intervention to combat your substance abuse. Traditional rehab may consist of individual and group therapy sessions to help you work through your triggers and give you coping strategies for dealing with them.

None of those aspects of traditional rehabilitation are inherently wrong. A holistic California treatment center like Clear Life Recovery believes there is merit to many aspects of traditional rehab. At the same time, though, they also know that holistic therapy can strengthen your mind-body connection. That can help you be healthy and happier in your long-term sobriety. As more and more research supports the benefits of holistic therapy, you want to find a holistic California treatment center to help you treat the whole you.[3][4]

The goal of every rehabilitation program is to help you break the chains of addiction and live a healthier, happier life. Combining holistic treatments with traditional options gives you the best chance at long-term success.

Clear Life Recovery: A Holistic California Treatment Center With An Integrated Approach

Clear Life Recovery is a holistic California treatment center that combines top protocols for evidence-based care with holistic treatments that also address your mental and emotional well-being. This full continuum of care is what you get from the moment you make the choice to go into treatment. At Clear Life, we help you focus on getting the life you are meant to live back. That means addressing all of the issues that come with substance abuse and addiction.

Clear Life Recovery offers the proven aspects of a traditional rehabilitation program. We also focus on your long-term recovery and life balance with holistic approaches. We know that rebuilding your life takes work on your part. Our team walks alongside you as we help you learn about balanced nutrition, the benefits of outdoor hobbies, and even mindfulness and meditation for those times you feel triggered.

The most important thing Clear Life Recovery wants you to feel is supported in your efforts. We know the struggle to beat addiction is one best fought together. We take each step with you, so you’re better set to live your new, sober life with skills and tools for success. We offer holistic treatment options that you’ll take with you into this new sober life. If you’ve been thinking about treatment options to beat your addiction once and for all, the time to contact us is now. You don’t have to be alone; we’re waiting to help.